Saturday, 1 December 2012


I've just spent an hour resizing pictures in my Picasa Blog Album to make more space.     Checked the current usage level and its exactly the same as when I started which CAN'T be right?   Perhaps there is a delay in revising the figure ... I'll check again later.    My plan is to spend an hour a day this week reducing the size of the largest files.   So far I've got it down from 100% to 89.47% .. my target is 80% by next weekend :-)

Its a tedious job and not easy to do something else at the same time (even for a multi-tasking lady) as Picasa requires you to keep clicking buttons along the way ..

But when I got bored it did lead me to check out some of the other features on the Picasa Editing page ... I like the easy way you can add captions and other little 'enhancements' ....

and I think he really was saying that to me yesterday ... between the squirrels and the starlings the fatballs have taken a real beating and we need to replenish all the feeders again this weekend.  Bless!

OK back to work now.  Need to get these commissions finished and approved today if possible.


Jo said...

Fricking squirrels.

Sue Clinker said...

I know Jo ..... but mine is a love/hate relationship as their antics keep me amused. So long as they stay in the garden.

Last night we filled every food container with fatballs, sunflower seeds, niger seeds and mealworms (for the robins and blackbirds). When I looked out this morning there were 2 squirrels sampling everything ... so much for the 'early bird' etc