Monday, 12 November 2012


I've been really touched by the lovely messages I've received about Roxy -  from my portrait commission clients and from other liveries at Warrigal Farm where Roxy spent her last years.    Since she retired me (and herself) Roxy opted to stay on at the Yard she loved so much under the fantastic management of Clare Crawford rather than moving with David and me to Whitstable.   So she retired on 'full livery' and I visited her once or twice a week - an arrangement which suited us both.

I don't actually  know some of the people who've contacted me in the last few days ... but it seems Roxy ingratiated herself with many people at the yard - and convinced most of them she was starving and needed carrots!!!    She always was a clever lady.    She didn't fool Kathy though .... who remembers Roxy as a feisty lady at one time.   Roxy certainly was that - she was always the Matriach and herd leader and kept all the mares in order, which led to her having 3 fractured bones (legs) over the years in her fights to remain at the top.   Sadly in the last year she lost pole position as younger, fitter mares moved in ... it was sad to see her bearing the brunt of the sort of treatment she used to mete out to the other horses.... but in the animal world its always survival of the fittest and thats as it should be ...

Anyway, thank you to everybody for your kind words

Today I took all of Roxy's spare stable rugs, saddle/bridle, general paraphernalia to the Canterbury Horse Rescue charity in Kent.     They recently had to move in a hurry as the land they were occupying was put up for Auction.   Fortunately they've been permitted to use some fields and farmbuildings to house the 15 rescue horses/donkeys they weren't able to place immediately.    The site is pretty derelict and they are working against the weather to paint/repair/clean the sheds/stables/fields etc.    I was quite humbled at how dedicated Stella (manager)  is and what an uphill task she will have to put everything in order, especially at this time of year when its so wet and miserable - just keeping the central yard free of mud is a huge undertaking.

I'm not really in the 'horsey' scene these days but I plan to rally round the horse-owners I still know for donations of unwanted rugs, buckets, tins of paints, tack .... well just about anything really.   This is such a deserving cause.

Couldn't resist photographing one of her 'rescues' ... not a horse but a lovely Collie (and I seem to be having a run on Collies at the moment).  He's wearing that loose chain on his collar to 'ground' him.  Without it I'm told he tends to escape and with neighbouring fields grazing sheep its not a good idea to have a dog free-roaming.   With the chain he thinks he's attached and doesn't venture beyond the yard ... its only temporary.

 and every Collie owner will know this pose ....    he was 'helping' to round up the chickens now the Hen House has been made habitable and waterproof:

It was raining hard this afternoon but you can see how muddy the yard is.   Stella's daughter was constantly washing/sweeping the paving slabs and they will eventually clean up ... but I think it will be a while before they'll be opening to the Public for fundraisers as they used to do on the old site ... here's a link to the old site and I really wish them all the best for this huge undertaking.  

Canterbury Horse Rescue

OK ... back to the drawing board now and I will have artwork to show shortly .... and even more photos from Bruges to fill the gaps (unless I've bored you to tears already) !!


Bev said...

Sue, I missed your original post about Roxy....I am so sorry to hear of her journey across the 'Rainbow Bridge'. I looked at your comparison pictures of her and think she aged remarkably well, she must have been very happy and contented in her retirement. She was lucky to have been able to be with you almost all her life....I find it difficult to understand how people change their horses all the time, for no apparent reason but that they want something better. So she had a great life with you. You must miss her.


Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Bev

I'm a firm believer that 'animals are for life' and Roxy has been with me longer than either husband (as I keep reminding David) LOL

I do appreciate though that a lot of horse owners are really struggling to make ends meet in this prolonged recession. Costs of livery, regular shoeing, worming and escalating vets bills (and insurance premiums) have risen disproportionately I think. I couldn't afford to take another horse on these days!

Jo said...

I didn't know attaching a chain to a collar would make a dog think he was chained. Good idea.

Horse rescue seems such a worthwhile cause.

Sue Clinker said...

Well it worked on him LOL

He was perfectly happy and friendly but till they can trust him not to disappear off on a doggy adventure he'll wear the chain. I just loved those odd ears .. when he was relaxed, one stood up and other flopped over.

Jo said...

I had a German Shepherd (sorry Alsatian) who's ears never did stand up although we did what was supposed to work. The tips always fell over. Would send you a pic but only got it on my desktop which is visiting the doctors at the moment.