Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Again ..... a pre-prepared post from a couple of days back.     I did wonder today what would happen if I fell under a bus (or similar) and these posts appeared posthumously ????   spooky or what??? 

I need to clear some of my old ref photo files and so it makes sense to post some of the pictures when I don't have any artwork to show ... kills two birds etc!

I promise these pics will be the last I'll show from our recent trip to Bruges.  Mostly these are things that appealed to me ... either scenery or just 'quirky' bits:

Some of the 'nightlight' scenes were very beautiful:

We stayed on a converted Barge, on the river bordering the town.   We had to walk 10 mins through parkland to get to the centre of town and some of the local houses looked really pretty in the night lights.

the next two pictures show the same house .. but with slightly different lighting.  I can't decide which one I like best???

but moving away from building ... these are some of the scenes I enjoyed during our short visit.    There was  a produce market staged in the Main Square on Wednesday .... lots of photo opportunites there.     In a couple of weeks the Christmas Markets will dominate and I'm sure they'll be very pretty (but predictable - so I was just happy to wander around the 'usual' market stalls.

This was the advertising slogan on the outside of the largest food stall ... the stall expanded and probably represented 1/3 of the available space in the market square.... people were queuing to get their BBQ chicken, sausages etc ...

Sorry ..... don't want to offend anybody but I must admit I found this amusing!!

On the other side of this foodstall people were queing  (as mentioned earlier) to collect their roasted chickens, sausages etc....

but why would you take your dogs to the stand (sorry this is a play on words as I remember these dogs as 'sausage dogs' ......

they are very pretty but ... sausage dogs at a chicken and sausage foodstall???


here's another dog I couldn't resist photographing.  He looked far too clean and fluffy for his breed and was obviously very embarrassed about being photographed.   Who remembers Chalky? (Rick Stein's rough coated Terrier who was the major star in most of Rick's food/cookery series on TV)    This little mutt looked like Chalky - but cleaner ...  LOL

back to Bruges ... and the weekly market.

The Christmas markets start soon, but whilst we were in Bruges the local market featured food and flowers.

I wanted to take some daffodil/tulip bulbs home (after all, Bruges/Belgium borders Holland - the most famous tulip/bulb growing country in the world) .... and they were very reasonably priced:

but David was far more interested in the dried sausages:

and guess who won?     to give you a clue ... we won't be planting the winning products in the garden !!!

It was a lovely market experience though ...

Swans feeding from the hands of tourists .... there are lots of signs nearby saying 'please don't feed the birds' but .... hey , swans can't read and the tourists just ignored the signs ...

Oops   Just had a message from Blogger saying I've reached my Maximum storage allowance .. not sure what happens next!!    This may be my last post?????

Watch this space ....

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Lovely pix again Sue.