Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I emailed this latest progress picture to my client earlier today as wasn't sure whether she wanted a background added.   I'd got to the stage where I need to add finer fur/whiskers detail but can't do this till the background (if required) is in place.

She's very happy with the progress so far I'm pleased to say.  No background needed so will get back to work on it at the end of the week and finish it in good time to be framed and given as a surprise anniversary gift

and today is hubby's birthday.   Not saying exactly how old he is but he now qualifies to draw his State Pension.

We're going out for a meal at a new restaurant David wants to try.  They pride themselves on sourcing all ingredients locally and therefore the menu consists of whatever they've purchased on the day!!  David spoke with the chef on the phone this afternoon and is very excited about tonight's menu offering ... 

He will be driving as I really don't enjoy driving at night these days and so I dedicate this to David

Happy birthday David ;-)


Jo said...

Happy Birthday David. I hope the meal came up to expectations.

As for not driving at 65, you should try this part of the world, people drive when they are much older. For some reason we don't seem to age as much here anyway. That's my story anyway.

Jo said...

Forgot, spaniel looking good.

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

The little spaniel is darling and I'm not surprised the client was pleased.

Wish I had a way of showing that video to my dad - he's 20+ years past 65 and he really can't drive!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the spaniel looks great :D

happy birthday to david! enjoy your meal

there a lot of people over 65 in this town that shouldn't be driving, but also a lot of younger people that shouldn't be either :/