Monday, 19 November 2012

17/11: FUNNY OLD DAY .....

This morning I had an email from the Chairman of the UK Coloured Pencil Society.  She had asked the Gallery at Nuneaton (where the current UKCPS Int'l Exhibition is being staged) if there had been any sales to date.  I'm pleased, and rather surprised actually, to learn that 'Beard and the Bard' has sold.

You may recall I photographed this local musician, Dave, at a charity performance in a Faversham street earlier this year.  He plays with a band called Labyrinth and I just found the combination of that hair/beard and the T Shirt (Shakespeare - the Bard) very interesting.  He didn't know about the photo/portrait till somebody spotted my Blog Post and alerted him and Sue (Dave's wife).

I told them that if the portrait didn't sell (and I didn't expect it to) I'd give it to them once the Nuneaton Exhibition finishes at the end of November.    Now I feel guilty .... perhaps I'll draw him again once the Christmas Commission rush is over LOL

Dave AKA 'Beard and the Bard'

I've done a little more work on the Grand-daughter pastel portrait (as its a Christmas commission I won't name names just in case it comes up in a Google search .... stranger things have happened)!

I emailed this update to my client this afternoon - with and without a mount to show how it will be centred once finished.  The photos look a little 'bright' on my monitor but won't change anything till I hear back from my client as to whether she wants background darkened etc ...

I need to get back to work on the graphite baby portrait which I started (and nearly completed) a couple of weeks ago - a couple more hours should see it finished.

Then I have  to make final adjustments to the 3 Collie Portrait.   Just heard from the client that she's quite happy with the portrait but the bottom left dog looks a little grumpy.  As she has admitted though, I had very poor photos to work from but I'd like to put it right.   I can't see from the ref. photo what I need to change so will have another look tomorrow to see what I can do ... don't want an unhappy client :-)

The next Christmas portrait will be a beautiful spaniel .... such gorgeous eyes!!

and I'm still discussing ref. photos with the owner of a lovely coloured horse - so many photos, so few clear enough to work from!!   But we're getting there and I'm looking forward to portraying him - such a cheeky character!

I have a meeting to attend tomorrow morning - the Made In Whitstable Group.   Discussion about best use of the (many) local Galleries in Whitstable - we're happy to take over unbooked slots at short notice (and reduced fees) so a worthwhile get-together.    Back at the drawing board tomorrow afternoon.

As I'll be doing my usual Voluntary day at Pilgrims Hospice on Wednesday (and family visiting on Thursday) I'm going to get ahead of myself and write some Blog Posts and schedule them to appear over the next couple of days ... how about that for organised!!


Jo said...

Very organised but things might change LOL.

Congrats on selling your picture, I think that's wonderful. The little girl picture looks better mounted IMHOP

Pauline said...

Congratulations on your sale Sue, I sold one of my too. Aren't we lucky.

Pauline said...

Congratulations on your sale Sue, I sold on of mine too, aren't we lucky.

Lene said...

congrats on the sale :)