Friday, 2 November 2012


I started the day with a clear plan about what I was going to get accomplished on the art front today. But ... telephone calls, lost internet and all manner of things kept getting in the way and here I am at lunchtime just about to start what I'd planned for 9am!! Its been one of those days: so .....

click on the arrow for a message from my tigger friend (drawn in pastels on black sanded paper a year or so ago):


Rejo John said...


Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Rejo
It was a bit of fun!

Jo said...

Aaaah. Did you do the movements yourself? Its impressive.

I have a super tiger painting that Mike did.

Sue Clinker said...

Well, I could lie ...... LOL

No, I found a simple 'free' programme that has some basic movements and words and this just seemed appropriate.

By the way, will answer your other email separately but I had horrible internet problems today which has caused all sorts of funny triple emails and weird blog posts. Sorry about that! We had the 'Talk Talk' and BT engineers in recently and they found nothing wrong .... Yeah Right!