Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Sorry I borrowed the title from a long-running British TV sitcom

It may not be the last of the Summer Wine, but my garden is certainly putting out a last ditch effort to show off the last of the Summer flowers and fruits ...

I took these photos in my garden yesterday.   For a couple of hours we had sunshine, although it was very cold.   Tomorrow (today - I'm getting confused with this foward planning/pre-posting lark) the forecast is for rain, so although it will feel warmer, it will be pretty dismal here in Kent I believe.

Just look at the berries - aren't they beautiful (and highly attractive to the birds just now)

and the squirrels

The very last apple on our fruit trees ... and its been sampled obviously ....

but passed over in favour of these over-ripe and obviously pretty alcoholic damsons.   

The damsons have been a major attraction for any number of birds and beasties ... we did have a good crop this year, and because of all the rain the fruits were especially large and tasty.   The ground feeding birds have been hoovering up all the windfalls and the others have been clearing the last few from the trees.

Just as well I'm drying the washing indoors now ... the birds aren't too careful about how/where they leave their calling cards!!

Several garden shrubs are putting out a last showy display as well ... look at this beautiful fuschia

and these lovely Cosmos flowers (plus a 'Bishop' Dahlia) which in theory should finish flowering in late September, have put on a last minute spurt for us

Not sure how clear this next photo will be , but I was testing the new camera to the limits here.   Trying to film a sparrow in the hedgerow at the end of our garden.  Bearing in mind I'm using a 'bridge' camera without long lenses etc., I was reasonably happy about this.   Can you spot his grumpy little face in the twigs???   He really didn't want to be disturbed   ... :-)

OK, enough for today's post.    I posted this and one other yesterday (Monday) to fill in gaps where I won't be around long enough to post 'for real' .....

More arty bits at the end of the week ....


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh my goodness, I want to draw every one of your photos here. That apple with the bite out of it, and the water droplets, and the branches around it... oooh, I wish I'd taken that one!
And noooooo, it can't be the last of the wine! It's okay if it's the end of summer, but surely there will be winter wine?
I hope you have a good week, my friend. I am looking forward to more of these precious photos, and pencil drawings!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Katherine
Just noticed that the 'apple' photo didn't upload properly and had discoloration in the top section. Have not re-uploaded it. Don't know why Blogger does this sometimes?

Jo said...

I think all those photos are fab but I particularly like the first one with the bright scarlet berries. I envy you having a garden with all these interesting items in it.

Love the Last of the Summer Wine programmes. Great bunch of old geezers.