Thursday, 29 September 2011


Still having horrific problems with BT and Talk Talk - intermittent internet and its very slow when we do get back online ... hopefully all these problems will soon be resolved as its very frustrating getting partway through writing emails/blog posts/researching etc to be thrown out every 10 minutes or so :-)

This lovely lady is Maddie and she is a Manchester Terrier (must confess I had to Google the breed when the enquiry first came through).   I'm told that Maddie's ears aren't exactly 'Breed Standard' but that just makes her more unique of course!

I'm using pastels on Fisher 400 sanded paper at the client's request.  I have previously drawn her two spaniels on Fisher 400 so this will match the others when they are all hung together in the 'rogues gallery'

I've stopped here to await feedback from Maddie's owner.   The ears need more work and I'll add more highlights and whiskers etc in the final stage

and here are a few WIP pictures - I got carried away and forgot to photograph the very early stage.   Here I have blocked in the areas of black and tan quite roughly, added some colour to the inner ears and of course drawn the eyes in (can't stand empty sockets looking at me)!

Adding highlights to the black fur using various shades of blue and grey (and mauve in places)

Same stage but I tried to get a close-up (not something my camera likes doing) showing the many tiny strokes I'm adding to get realistic highlights - ensuring I follow the hair direction/length accurately.


Teresa said...

Enjoyed reading about your working methods and following the wip's along.

So sorry to hear you're still having spinal problems. I'm doing pretty good... but still have to be cautious and not overdo it. I'm told I'll "never be as good as new" :-( Isn't that a comforting thought? LOL!!

sue said...

Thank you Teresa
Pleased to hear you are much better.

Its certainly a wake-up call isn't it and I am trying to do my exercises regularly and think about how I sit at my desk/computer ...

The scary thing is that the 'next generation' are almost certainly to suffer similar problems at a much earlier age because of the hours spent sitting at computers/texting on their mobile phones and generally 'enjoying' bad posture.

Colette Theriault said...

I hear you Sue, been having back issues flare up recently and have been dealing with pain most of my gets very frustrating when it interferes with daily life. Glad to learn things are improving. I really enjoy watching the progress of the terrier. The color and details are stunning! Can't wait to see it finished.

Colette Theriault said...

Forgot to ask if this is pastel pencils or c/p?

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Sue, beautiful work. Love to see your stages, I'm guessing you're using pastel pencils? Love the way you've done his eyes.

Sadeu said...

superb works, Sue : )

Jan/ said...

This is one of your best portraits, Sue! You certainly don't have any problems painting black animals!

So sorry about your ongoing health problems and I do hope you'll continue on with your exercises, etc to help keep any worsening at bay.

Took me a while to find your new posts - I've been in somewhat of a fog the past couple of weeks!