Friday, 16 September 2011


Well I'm so pleased that nobody spotted the deliberate error yesterday ... I start all my Blog titles with the date for some reason but yesterday's title was 14/09 (should have been 15/09) - I did say it had been 'one of those days'

Anyway, here's the Laurel & Hardy picture in the mount and frame I'll be using.    David wants me to tell the client I can't write a message on the picture as he's convinced I'll spoil the whole thing.  That has made me nervous obviously.  Fellow Blogger Jan (Pets to Posies) passed on a great tip for adding written messages but now I'm really not sure what to do.  Will have a think about it over the weekend :

The kitten I was working on last week was causing me headaches .... I used Colourfix paper which never was my favourite support but I thought the colour worked well.   However, I struggled to get the fine fur detail I wanted so when the client asked for some minor adjustments to be made I took the opportunity to re-start the picture on Clairefontaine Pastelmat which I'm far more comfortable with.  This is done on their 'brown' colour which actually has quite a pink tinge.

I've emailed this to the client tonight to ask whether she would like anything 'tweaked' before I 'fix' the pastel.

I'll be in London for most of the weekend - the SOFA (Society of Feline Artists) exhibition finishes tonight and unsold pictures need to be collected tomorrow.  From there we (David has been dragged in) will go to Central Hall at Westminster to give a hand with sorting out pictures to be hung in the UKCPS exhibition from Sunday.  We'll also be there on Sunday helping out - the Launch Party starts at 5pm so everything has to be in place by then.   Its going to be a busy couple of days.

Tonight we're going to nearby Canterbury for 'The Canterbury Ghost Tour' which should be fun - it starts at 8pm so will just be getting dark (and creepy) round the old cobbled streets!   I'll take a clove of garlic with me just in case (or is that only effective against vampires)?

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Jan/ said...

Hope you're having fun at the Ghost Tour or it may be over by now!
Your black and white kitten is darling. I'm sure you feel better having done it over on PastelMat - you always want to feel you've given it your best.
Gee, you're making me tired with your schedule! I hope the SOFA exhibit went well for everyone and I' sure the UKCPS exhibition will do well also - I know you've certainly worked hard enough on it!
Keep us posted on all the details!