Saturday, 3 September 2011

03/09: NO SH*T !!!

It was the 'usual Saturday' spent visiting both Mums and Roxy (horse) and when we got home David fancied a walk down to the beach to get some fresh air .... its an incredibly warm day today and Tankerton Slopes/beaches were jam packed with visitors so we didn't stay long.

I had my camera with me and couldn't resist this sign  ....... now if you were a dog (and you could read) and the Council had fixed an obstacle around your favourite 'watering hole'  what would you do??     If caught, would you argue that you'd misread the speed restrictions on the road signs?

Perhaps putting these signs at dog-reading level is the answer after all .... don't target the owners - put the dogs in control - perhaps if  Roxy had  read the dressage manuals in our 'competing' days we may have had better results at shows!

What do you think?


Pauline said...

Brilliant, it made me chuckle

The Wildwood said...

Sue that is hillarious that that sign is at dog level!
Makes you wonder about the level of the person installing the sign!

Jan/ said...

Too funny, Sue! Your area posts some of the funniest signs!

Jennifer Rose said...

they should do that here. then the kids can't complain about having to pick up after their dog because they couldn't see the sign :p

Kendra said...

So funny!

sue said...

I'm not sure .... but I think our City Council may be trying for some sort of record for the greatest number of weird and annoying signs!