Thursday, 8 September 2011

08/09: A BAD WORKMAN .......

you probably know the rest .... ALWAYS BLAMES HIS TOOLS!

Well I did a bit of tweaking on the black cat portrait and added whiskers then spent more than an hour trying to photograph the picture.   I really do think my camera is on the blink - I've been frustrated when trying to photograph graphite (black/white) pictures which always end up blue, but now even the colour portraits are turning blue ...... to say nothing of the colour of the air around the artist!!!   I've tried just about every setting on the camera but not happy with any of the results ... I'm comfortable with this camera - so maybe its worth taking it to a camera doctor for an overhaul ...

Anyway, now awaiting comments from my client .... although the cat is black, in both ref. photos she has a couple of very prominent white whiskers.  I've drawn them according to the ref photos but may have to tone them down a little ... waiting to hear

Blue version:

Adjusted colour version!

But I've done some work on Laurel & Hardy.

After the false start (previously mentioned) this is now being drawn on Fabriano HP watercolour paper.  The paper is 'off white' ... but not as blue as shown here

Once I'd made a start and was reasonably happy with how the charcoal worked with the paper, I decided to move on by putting in the background - graphite in HB and 2B grade pencils.   So I'm combining charcoal and graphite for this and am happy with progress so far 


Sjamesportraiture said...

I totally understand your frustrations, I also really struggle to get a true representation when taking photos, especially of soft patel paintings that have lots of blues, if I get the blue to look right all the yellows and oranges go neon orange. Love your work by the way!

hmuxo said...

Love the cat, Sue! I know your client will love it. It looks wonderful matted! Also...I don't think I've seen a better Laurel & Hardy!!! Your pencil work is amazing, Sue. I showed my husband and he loves it as well.

Jennifer Rose said...

Laurel & Hardy look really great, great job with the dark values :)

sue said...

Thanks Ladies ... I'm waiting to hear back about the cat.
In the meantime I'm having lots of fun with L&H.

Jan/ said...

Dang! My comment just went whoosh!

But I said that I like the cat (what's not to like?) and also the whiskers as I find a brighter whisker is typical on most cats.

And L&H is looking fabulous!