Wednesday, 7 September 2011

07/09: PIGGY IN THE MIDDLE ......

....... of the field we drove past yesterday!!

We were visiting my stepson who lives near Epping Forest.   You may recall that he had a horrific accident in April last year and spent 6 months in various hospitals.  He's doing really well but the trauma to his head resulted in impaired vision which prevents him from holding a driving licence - so its easier for us to go to him.  We had a nice lunch and whilst driving back to his home passed this:

I just thought it was funny - a bale of corn with two traffic cones for ears and a flower pot nose.   When I got home curiosity got the better of me and I Googled that slogan.  

With apologies to any veggie friends out there ... it appears that today (7 September) is the start of a £2 million 18 month advertising campaign to encourage Brits to give more thought to the provenance of the pork and pork products they buy by choosing the Red Tractor marked products.   The campaign will target the major supermarkets, challenging shoppers to ask questions about where their 'cheap meat' comes from.

National Pig Association (yes REALLY)!!!!!!   have a Banner Blitz page with photo gallery for Pig World Banners Campaign showing where/how their banners are being displayed ..Most are just posted on fences or the sides of trucks but there are a few more like this where farmers have made some fun characters.   I've emailed this to them as I found this same pig had been photographed and posted in the gallery but its not a very clear picture.   Where on earth would we be without the internet???? (when its working of course)

Anyway ... the pig amused me.  I'm not veggie, though we don't eat much meat, but we always buy locally produced food wherever possible and mostly from a smallholder nearby who can always tell us the history of every plum, apple, potato or pig he sells! 

When we got home it was dark with torrential rain blown sideways by gale force winds (yuk) so light was too poor to draw -  no art updates today as I'm doing my Voluntary work at Pilgrims Hospice eBay shop.  Back to the drawing board and hard at work tomorrow though!

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Jan/ said...

They have some round bale funnies around here and my favorite is made to look as if the farmer/rancher has been caught up in the baling machine. The have the round bale with the legs of a pair of jeans stuffed with hay sticking out of the bale and a pair of cowboy boots on the end of the jeans legs. Very cute I think.

However, I really like your pig too. People can get very inventive, can't they?