Saturday, 10 September 2011


A couple more progress photos of the Laurel & Hardy portrait.   I'm working very hard to achieve the deep blacks with Dark Charcoal - having to really press into the tooth of the paper and keep reinforcing it.  I'm also struggling to keep the whites nice and bright as the charcoal dust isn't as easy to remove as pastel for some reason.

Anyway - too blue (as usual) but I won't try adjusting anything until I've completed the commission and am ready to email it for approval.


Jan/ said...

Looking very good, Sue. The charcoal is messy but it looks as if you're doing well at keeping the dust at bay.

Katherine Thomas said...

This is so great! And so original to make it look like an oldtime photo. I admire you using the charcoal with the pencils, it's going to be amazing!

sue said...

Thanks Jan .... I'm really pushing it into the paper tooth and trying to stop my bad habit of blowing the dust away (which always makes it land on an area I'd rather it didn't)!

Thanks Katherine - it happened by accident really - I realised I needed a darker background to show up the white highlights on the their jackets and felt a little more confident about doing this in graphite :-)