Monday, 12 September 2011


The black cat portrait was approved last week and I'm just awaiting shipping instructions.

Laurel & Hardy are about finished and the drawing was approved last night - I sprayed it with fixative and managed to add a little more black today to the very darkest areas.  This one will be supplied in a black frame I have at home - I've ordered a double mount from my framer and will collect that on Thursday.    However, I've been asked to write a few words on the picture - just HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM *******    my worst nightmare - I really don't like adding messages in case I screw up at the last minute :-(

I'm thinking I'll probably have to add the message in the top right corner over Hardy's shoulder?    Will make final decision once I have the mount and can see how it all looks.

Last night the photo looked like this

but the colour is probably more true in the photo I took today

Ooops .. forgot to Crop the photo - sorry!

Right .. back to work this evening.    The UK Coloured Pencil Society's 10 International Exhibition opens with the Launch Party/Private View on  Sunday and there are lots of last minute ends to be tied up ... I truly had no idea how much work is involved in staging an exhibition like this.  This is the first year I've been on the Executive Committee and I'm just one of a team of volunteers ...  its going to be a tremendous exhibition but I just hope the Society's members appreciate our efforts :-)

If you get the chance - do make a point of visiting the exhibition at Central Hall, Westminster - 19 September to 1 October - which will include over 300 coloured pencil pictures from artists based around the World.   I think you'll be amazed at what can be achieved using 'the humble coloured pencil' !!


Vic said...

Love this one Sue, you have captured the comic duospot on. Hope all goes well with the CP exhibtion.

Pauline said...

Just brilliant, one clever lady!

sue said...

Thanks Vic and Pauline

Its something outside of my normal comfort zone ... but I had fun with it and am keen to try charcoal again.

Jan/ said...

Oh, this is wonderful, Sue! It's good to go outside our comfort zones sometimes, especially when it ends up like this.

I'd hate to have to write on it either but I do have a "trick" for when I do have that request.

I write out the inscription on a piece of paper (or more likely, use the computer with a nice font!, then I turn the paper over and go over the lettering with a pastel/charcoal pencil. Then I turn the paper face side up and try to position it by hovering over the area where I want it. Then I put the paper on that spot and burnish carefully. You'll have a bit of touch up to do but it beats the heck out of a last-minute mess up.

Jan/ said...

Forgot to wish you well on the exhibition! I know you've put in a ton of work and had a lot of hassle but I'm sure the show will be well worth it!

sue said...

Thanks Jan
Brilliant suggestion re. the message writing. I'll practice on a spare sheet first.

Steve Drew said...

Wow, this brought back great memories of watching all of their reruns growing up. Love the piece, Sue! -Steve

sue said...

Must confess I was never a fan Steve .. but my little brother loved them. Thanks for your comment :-)