Friday, 23 September 2011


 Going back to the Laurel & Hardy commission and my concerns about writing on the picture - David suggested printing off the message and displaying it inside the frame where it can be removed at leisure if required - we just didn't seal the back of the frame as usual.    I haven't actually had this idea approved by the client but hope there won't be any problems.   She is a relative of my stepdaughter's partner so there is a kind of 'distant' family relationship but I'm liaising via stepdaughter - not direct with client which slows up communication a bit.

Anyway, Another Fine Mess indeed!   Funny how things turn out.  We were unable to do our usual stint at the Pilgrims Hospice charity eBay office because the office (and surrounding area) had been left with no telephone/internet connection due to BT cabling having been stolen.  Theft of cables is becoming a frequent occurrence lately ... I believe the metal content in the cables is valuable enough to override the risk of being electrocuted in some cases.

But not being 'at work' meant I was home to take the phone call from BBC Radio Kent yesterday morning asking if I'd go 'on air' for the the Pat Marsh show in the afternoon to talk briefly about Portrait drawing.   I said yes then spent 3 hours panicking about what I'd be asked/what I'd say etc.   I was very nervous and you can hear me panting a bit at times - I don't believe I sound as prissy as this in real life (!!??) but then, I also don't believe that 'old' face looking back at me from the mirror.  Do any of us really know what we sound/look like to others I wonder?

To hear the recording CLICK HERE

My moment of fame!!


DEB said...

I think this is brilliant!!

sue said...

Thanks Deb - it was nerve wracking.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed 'outside' the Blog to comment. Seems my likening David to Victor Meldrew struck a note with lots of you who know him!!

Chrissy said...

Nice work and I am glad the interview went well. I have the horrors of speaking to an audience....

sue said...

Thanks Chrissy - might have been easier face to face - but over the phone was scary. I survived though :-)