Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Seemed like a good idea to lump them all together in one heading!

Goats ... because we're expecting a visitor at lunchtime.  Our hardworking friend 'Deb the Goatwoman' who is owned and employed by a huge herd of mischievous goats in Kent ... producer of some wonderful cheeses available at 'better' outlets throughout the County.  I'm not sure how many goats she has now but I believe there were around 150 last year so not much free time for Deb!  I drew the pencil sketch which is used for the Dairy's logo (based on a photo of Ellie a 'founder' goat).  I haven't visited the goats this year - but in previous years have managed to check out the 'new arrivals' - kids are sooooo cute but very naughty! 

The goats have access to acres of lovely pasture but are so nosy they all have to come into the barn when humans turn up for fear of missing something.   They are also very strong - I got knocked over by one of the little ones and I'm not exactly a petite lady.     I have lots of photos but here's a small selection:

As you can see - they demand lots of love and cuddles

David wouldn't 'pucker up' though!!

How cute are we ..... ?   

OK .. enough goats for now I think!    

Ghosts and Ghoulies because I've just booked David and myself onto 'The Canterbury Ghost Tour' for Friday evening.   It has some good reviews on Trip Advisor and should be a fun way to explore the historic city of nearby Canterbury and learn some of its darker secrets ... I guess the bit that most people remember is that Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral by followers of King Henry II.   Apparently, the Tour Leader, John, dresses in appropriate style for the tour with top hat and cane ... not a serious history lesson more a humorous look at the darker side of the City and its more notorious residents.


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Awwww, I love your little goat photos! They are cute, aren't they?

Ooooooh, your Ghost Tour sounds like a lot of fun - I'm sure you and David will enjoy it!

sue said...

Thank you Jan

Deb is here at the moment having a crash course in Blogging!! Ellie's Dairy has now got a Blog up and running and Deb is in the process of adding some photos of the new Kids!

and ..... she bought us 2 new goat cheeses to try. One herb coated and one called Shaggy's beard (and I know Shaggy the goat) which is a Kentish version of camembert. Can't wait to sample them later.

Jennifer Rose said...

goats are cool, smell, but cool :D i love their eyes :)

"JeanneG" said...

OH, you have some wonderful goat photos. I only get to see two old lumpy ones at the living museum in our town. Yours are much prettier.

sue said...

Well the girlie goats aren't smelly Jennifer but the boys .... well, they have this cute habit (not) of peeing into their beards (because they can) :-) They seem to think it enhances their attractiveness. Just pleased David hasn't picked up such nasty habits!

Jeanne, they are cute. Debbie has just started a Blog to keep her customers up to date with what's happening at the dairy. You might want to take a look http://elliesdairy.blogspot.com/

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Was hoping you'd post a link - I'll pop over and say hi and welcome her to the blogging community!

sue said...

That nice of you Jan ... :-)