Wednesday, 28 September 2011


That just about sums up me, and life at the moment :-)

I'm still going for treatments at the spine clinic 3 times a week and having to do home treatments which include 'hanging' myself from an overdoor traction torture thingggy!   But we go on hols next week so a good dose of sunshine and no sitting at computer for hours will make a big difference.

My Blog posts are also appearing out of order ... so much has been happening and I've taken lots of photos and made notes which never see the light of day ...  

not helped by the fact that most of the 01227 telephone code system is 'OUT OF ORDER' thanks to ongoing problems with British Telecom.  We do have working telephones and intermittent internet.  Our neighbour who is in her late 80s has no telephone and therefore her Emergency call line also doesn't work.  She was almost in tears of frustration on Monday evening - BT are working on the lines which causes lots of crackling noises and these are amplified by the loudspeakers installed on her Emergency systems.   She has previously suffered a series of mini-strokes and was so stressed on Monday I was concerned she'd keel over.    Good old BT just say they are aware she is an elderly vulnerable lady and will be treated as an Urgent case - work to be completed by 29 September (this has been going on for 6 days already)!!

Anyway rant over.

Here are some photos from 'out of order' sequence of events.

Right .... internet just crashed - yet again.  Luckily Blogger had saved a Draft so not all was lost ... but I haven't time now to re-upload the missing pics.   We went to EuroFair in Canterbury on Sunday which is a 3 day fair devoted to food and drink - whilst David went round dutifully testing and tasting to his heart's content I was busy stalking cute dogs to add to my ever increasing 'to do' list ..... don't know why I do this as I have more than enough work in the pipeline to keep me chained to the drawing board for months ... but who could resist!

Off to do our stint at Pilgrims eBay office now - then cracking on with one of the 3 black dog commissions when we get home this evening.


Jennifer Rose said...

awww :D such a cute shepard puppy :D

change phone providers?

sue said...

She is cute isn't she? I kept bumping into her (and her mum) during the morning so have at least a dozen photos. She'll be fully grown by the time I get round to doing anything with them I fear!

Its the cables that are the problem - we're with Talk Talk but they just blame BT for our woes!