Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Sorry I haven't had time to post Work in Progress pictures but this portrait of 'Daisy' has been finished, approved and will be in the post tomorrow.   I have complete two portraits previously for this client and its always lovely to welcome 'returning clients'.    This portrait was based on a reference photo taken looking down on Daisy so much more of her back/body was visible above her head .. but I've omitted/downplayed much of the body to focus more on her face.    The ref photo was very sun bleached but I was provided with other supporting ref photos which helped with finer detail:

This was completed in pastel on Fisher 400 paper but photographed in artificial light which has 'drained' the colour a little.

I have outlined 2 dogs and will probably add a third which I'll make a start on before we go on holiday (Monday).    All three are predominantly black dogs.   One is a black labrador but the other two breeds I had to Google to learn more about when I was first asked to portray them.   All will be revealed over the coming weeks!!    I'm so looking forward to getting to grips with them.


Pauline said...

So cute Sue, I have always had Golden Retrievers so they have the aah factor for me. Do you use pastel on the background with Fisher 400?

Anonymous said...

This is lovely Sue, so soft, captures the nature of these lovely dogs. I like the paper choice too, completes it.

Teresa said...

This is beautiful. She looks like such a sweet little dog.

Anonymous said...

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