Thursday, 15 September 2011


in the words of Ian Drury!

Off to a fairly disastrous start this morning - we had a very full day planned with a precise timetable .... but the best laid plans (etc)!

David was required to give blood and urine samples at the local health centre this morning (sorry, hope that wasn't 'too much' info).  He was ushered into the nurse's room on time but came out shortly afterwards saying the nurse couldn't take his blood as the computers had crashed.   I flippantly said 'I thought they took blood with needles, not computers' but apparently if unable to print off the correct forms, the nurses can't take samples!  Oh the joys of modern life!!!    So the appointment had to be rescheduled for next week - fingers crossed the computer Gods will look kindly on us!

We then drove to Whitstable to collect the picture mount I'd ordered on Monday for the Laurel & Hardy picture.  It wasn't ready ... although we'd agreed it would be available today - the framer didn't think we'd be there that early (10.30am)!!   we couldn't wait because of our tight schedule so by this time David was getting very stressed and irritable :-)

But ... things then picked up and we achieved everything we set out to do today including visiting both mums, sorting out our accounts/tax returns, cleaning mother-in-law's oven, posting commissioned portraits to clients.   My horse Roxy passed her MOT (!!) and didn't kill the Vet when he gave her the flu/tet jab (she's obviously slowing up in her old age).  

We got home in time to grab a snack and then walked into Whitstable for the Private View of the latest art exhibition at Horsebridge Gallery by the 'Made in Whitstable' Group of which I'm one.   I would love to have exhibited with them again but I have pictures on exhibition at the Society of Feline Artists (Waterloo) ending tomorrow, and pictures in the forthcoming UKCPS exhibition at Westminster (18 September to 1 October) and several commissions on the go .. just not enough hours in the day/days in the week I fear.  

We had a look at the pictures on display and chatted with the artists and then stopped off at David's favourite watering hole (Ship Centurion, Whitstable)  for 'one for the road' before walking home.    Some local musicians were just setting up and although they sounded really good we were just too tired to stay and listen.   So being boring old fa*ts we walked home and here we are again ... me at the computer and David in front of the TV.   Must get a life methinks!

but can't have a Blog post without a picture .... as previously mentioned, I'm making a real effort to remember to take my camera with me wherever I go.   So whilst waiting for the Vet to arrive, I was meandering with Roxy allowing her to hoover up windfall apples from the many fruit trees at the yard, and we were joined by a very inquisitive Robin. I was quite pleased with this photo taken whilst being towed by a horse keen not to miss a single fallen fruit - it was a case of press the button quickly and see what happens:

tomorrow is another day ....


Jennifer Rose said...

"My horse Roxy passed her MOT"

lol well that good to know she wont brake down if you need to take her for a run on the road ;)

"JeanneG" said...

Sue your photos of the birds are just as nice as the goats. You get such close-up photos. I'm envious. I guess it is time to read the instruction manual for my camera.

Anonymous said...

LOL I know about those days, as you say the "best laid plans" good you got there in the end though !

sue said...

Roxy has been retired for several years now - think she'd keel over if I showed her a saddle now :-)

Thank you Jeanne. I love my camera but I don't understand it. I kind of point and shoot and it does the rest. But I have horrendous problems photographing artwork as the camera takes over and guesses at what colours I'd REALLY like!!

They come more frequently these days Vic ... sure its all tied up with getting older and more frequent 'senior moments'

Jan/ said...

Well, it's no comfort but we all have days like that once in a while - just glad it doesn't happen every day!
It always amazes me that your robins are so different than ours. Great photo especially for being on the end of a tow line! So glad Roxy is doing well, at least for now. Have you tried a warm, wet mash for her for the winter?