Tuesday, 29 June 2010

29/06: BEST LAID PLANS ......

Despite being previously assured that Richard would stay in hospital (local to his home) till a place becomes available in the neuro rehab hospital,  we heard last night that Richard would be assessed today for suitability to be moved from the hospital ward where he has spent the past couple of months to an 'interim' unit in a non-medical facility.

His assessment took place this morning and we got a phone call at 1pm to say he would be moved today at 3pm.   We jumped in the car and got stuck in the most horrendous traffic jam at the Dartford tunnel.    We got to the hospital at 3.15pm to find that his Mum had beaten us there by 5 minutes.   We then spent 2 hours kicking our heels - all Richard's stuff packed up but no ambulance in sight.

At 5.30ish his transport finally arrived so we followed behind to see him settled into his temporary 'home'.  It is much nicer than the last hospital ward ... but all very confusing for Richard and stressful for his family.  We've tried to notify as many people as possible about the move so they don't have wasted journeys ... but what is wrong with the NHS?  We have the highest respect for the doctors and nurses who do such a marvellous job .. but the admin leaves so much to be desired ... so much inefficiency and poor communication between departments/other hospitals and certainly a total lack of regard for the family/friends of patients.  We've had to fight to get every scrap of information. 

Anyway we got home about 8pm.   Watered all the bedding plants/greenhouse vegetables and had something to eat.   Now we just have to throw a few things into the hand luggage bags (we are travelling light) and tommorow evening we'll be sitting outside at our favourite bar on the beach  ... and all this will seem a million miles away (for a short time) .. can't wait!!

I had intended to start on the Piebald horse this morning, but instead I outlined the first of my 'human' portrait commissions which will be completed in coloured pencil.  I normally draw these in cps on white Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper, but am experimenting by using Pastelmat in 'light grey'.   If it doesn't work out as planned I still have time to re-start/complete it when we get home.

So ... yet another rant!!!    I think I'm ready for this week away.

Speak soon


Sally McLean said...

Have a good break Sue you surely deserve it. Love the palamino!

Dors said...

Have a great time Sue...you deserve it. Take care. Big Hugs.

Hope Richard settles ok. what a stressful day for you all.

geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

Hope you have a restful break Sue

Jan said...

I think medical facilities all over are the pits! Some time ago I did a rant about taking my neighbor to the doctor and spending over 6 hours on what should have been a quick, routine visit!

At least Richard is getting a change of scenery and maybe won't be quite so bored.

Hope you and David have a wonderfully relaxed time on your holiday!

K. T. Sparks said...

A holiday is called for and just enjoy it! Everything will be there when you return.

sue said...

Thanks ladies

I´m writing this from an internet cafe in town en route to a quiz night which starts at 10pm.

Feeling very relaxed already. Weather not as good here as at home in the UK but its sooooo good to be here chilling out!

Speak soon

pett paintings said...

Hope you have been taking it easy Sue, you certainly deserve a break xx