Sunday, 6 June 2010


I'd set myself goals to identify/photograph my entry/ies for the UKCPS Autumn exhibition and mail them this weekend and I have a picture to mount/frame for delivery on Wednesday.   But I didn't quite make it.   We had a long day on Friday - we took David's Mum  to visit Richard in hospital - its only the third time she has been outdoors since breaking her hip in November.  We went on to meet friends for a meal in the evening and didn't get home till the early hours of Saturday for a brief sleep before setting off again for our usual hectic Saturday.   We got back home late yesterday afternoon in time to enjoy the last of the sunshine whilst tidying the back garden and planting out a few bedding plants, vegetables and shrubs.    We then sat outside with a bottle of  'bubbly' and had a simple barbecue meal.    Perfick!!

I now know which pictures I will submit to the UKCPS but couldn't resist 'tweaking' each of them a bit ... I've probably overworked them now but I'll never learn!!   The promised thunderstorms started up this afternoon and it got too dark to take decent photos so I'll post tomorrow - together with photos of the framed cat pictures for the SOFA entries.

 In the meantime I thought I'd show this photo I took today.   We always have our main meal in the evening and a snack at lunchtime.    Today David made up a couple of cheese rolls for lunch and I was amazed to find this array of knives waiting to be washed afterwards:

Whilst I love him to bits ... David's the first to admit he isn't tidy in the kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter) but why five knives to make two rolls???   Apparently it all makes sense - bread knife to cut the rolls, carver to slice the cheese, small paring knife to slice the tomato, dinner knife to spread the relish ... etc..    Its the same rationale for using clean cups and spoons every time he makes himself a cup of tea (if I'm not around) ... the logic being there is no difference in washing 6 cups individually and washing 1 cup 6 times (except there is ....  because its normally me washing up or loading the dishwasher not him)!! 

Men are from Mars .....  !!!


Anonymous said...

Lol I have the same man issue as well.....and they do come from Mars for sure.

Karen said...

LOL, men are definitely from Mars.......I went out for a long day at a dog show yesterday and returned to find the kitchen nearly as I had left it, only added to the breakfast dishes that I hadn't had time to do were his lunch things!
Looking forward to seeing your entries!

sue said...

Hee hee :o)

I never wanted children (preferring the 4 legged babies) but sometimes think I've ended up with a little boy as I'm picking up all his 'toys' each day!!

But .... what would we do without them eh??