Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I spent a few hours on the (pastel) pony commission today (which I've been asked not to show till July) and had intended to do work in the back garden but the weather has been horrible today - grey and drizzly and pretty cold.   So I switched back to cps and did more work on the tiger.   It was intended to be bigger than this but I'm bored with it now so I'm going to crop it to fit the mount I've shown here - it is still quite big as the mount will fit a 20" x 16" frame.   The photos aren't brilliant as the light was poor and I didn't want to turn the overhead lights on as they create too much glare on the film.  But you get the idea I hope.

Tigger - with mount loosely laid on top so I could work out where to finish drawing/crop the picture

I tried to take a 'close-up' but it hasn't worked very well

Once I finish the pony commission, I have a chocolate lab and a graphite human to work on. I'm obviously not going to have time to prepare anything new for submission to the Autumn UKCPS exhibition as entries close on 12 June so I've been looking through some of the practice pieces I've done in the last 6 months. The work has to be based on photos I have taken and must be 100% coloured pencil so I have 3 or 4 possible pics I could submit. I'll take a good look at them tomorrow and make a decision


Lene said...

Love the intense glow in those tiger eyes ;)

Bev said...

He looks splendid Sue. I love working on drafting film. Have you put a white backing sheet or a coloured one behind him.

sue said...

Thanks Lene and Bev.

I haven't worked on film for some time as most of my recent work has been pastel - so I enjoyed this. This has a blacking sheet behind it.

sue said...

oops!! sorry Bev, that should have read - black backing sheet :o)

Angela Finney said...

Looks great, Sue! Bet it is really stunning in person!

Good luck with finding a piece you are happy to submit to the UKCPS Exhibition.

Congratulations on all of your commissions, looking forward to seeing them.

sue said...

Thank you Angela.

I'd decided not to take new commissions for a while to concentrate on artwork for upcoming exhibitions but then had some returning clients so couldn't say no - and then my stepson had a nasty accident which will keep him in hospital for a year so its been very hectic fitting everything in. Best laid plans etc .... I have mentally shortlisted a couple of pics for the UKCPS (one of which I nearly binned a few months back but will resurrect and finish). I'll show them here once the they have been copied to CD and submitted (when it is too late for amendments)