Tuesday, 8 June 2010


It seems the common thread running through my recent posts is 'I didn't have time' so I've decided to get tough and stop prevaricating - visiting Richard in hospital inevitably eats into our schedules as each round trip takes approx 5 hours (thanks to the queues at the Blackwall Tunnel) but I really just need to organise myself better.  
We have a visitor early afternoon then I have a hairdresser appointment so they are the 'fixed points' around which I organised my day.  Started off well - greenhouse plants all watered, ripe strawberries picked (before the squirrels find them) long grass round edge of lawn trimmed (David mowed yesterday) and dusting/sweeping/hoovering done. 
My 'studio' really needs a spring clean but I have so many pictures on the go and newly framed works stacked up that its difficult to do a proper job.   I have at least cleaned the visible surfaces and brushed all the pastel dust off the keyboard :o)

But I've been nobbled by my printer .... I need to print my main ref picture for the chocolate lab I'll be working on next.  My printer has decided it will  magnify the dog's face about 8 times and just print out a section per each A4 sheet ... I've spent the best part of an hour cancelling and re-setting print runs with the same result.   I've now emailed the photo to hubby and he will try sending it to print from his laptop ... Oh the joy of these labour saving technical 'toys'  .... so whilst David is trying to tame the printer I thought I'd post these pics of the coloured pencil drawings I've just submitted to the UKCPS for their Autumn International Exhibition - hopefully the CD will arrive in time to meet the 12 June deadline. 

I'm going to say it one last time .... ' I didn't have time' to work on a new entry so these were selected from recent practice pieces.  I don't have high hopes but if I can get one of them selected this year I will have succeeded in getting into this show three times within a five year span and will be  entitled to put the letters UKCPS after my name.

This Ardennes horse named Jeton is one of a horse-logging team worked by Frankie Woodgate.  To find out more about the role of these magnificent horses in woodland management check out the website http://www.britishhorseloggers.org/.  I took this photo at the Kent County Show during a break in her demo when Frankie stopped to explain a point and I just loved the casual way she leaned on Jeton's ample backside for support. 
It was an unusual choice of ref for me as I don't normally like detailed backgrounds - particularly in coloured pencil.  This is drawn on Fabriano Artistico HP paper

Photographed at Port Lympne in Kent I just loved this little character and have ended up with far too many photos of him.   When I originally posted this I was bemoaning the fact I couldn't get the results I wanted with coloured pencils on my favourite sanded paper (Fisher 400) but having set it to one side for a few weeks, I returned and deepened shadows etc and decided to submit it after all.

This is the most recent picture - I've darkened it further to hopefully give the illusion of the tiger stalking in the darkness.   Its coloured pencil on drafting film using a black backing sheet

This last one was destined for the bin months ago as it was an experiment on black paper that didn't go as well as planned.  
The paper didn't take layers very well and I had to use several layers of fixative to give the paper a bit of 'bite' which looks a little as though the picture has been varnished - quite strange.   But I dusted it off and thought I'd give it a stay of execution ... if it isn't accepted for the exhibition then nothing will be lost.  
I've cropped it down a little which means it is now a non-standard size so it will be costly should I need to go ahead and get it mounted/framed for exhibition (that will teach me)!!  

The tiger was another one I photographed at the Wildlife Heritage Trust in Kent when I did a one-day pastel class with Vic Bearcroft.  We had the opportunity throughout the day to get 'up close' to many beautiful big cats so I have lots of photos in my 'to do' file.  
This tiger stayed staring into space like this for around 10 minutes allowing me to get lots of nice photos.  He had an amazing 'ruff' - not sure if this is part of his Winter coat or if this is normal for him - all the other tigers had short 'whiskers' by comparison.  
David suggested I call this one 'Uncle Albert' after the character in one of his favourite sit-coms (Only Fools and Horses)!

As a full member of the UKCPS I can submit 4 pictures to the jury - I had one other which fitted the criteria (must be 100% coloured pencil and the reference source must be the artists - ie photo must have been taken by the artist).   
This was a 'fun' piece based on a photo I took of Joanne Simpson's dog, Pip, last year when we travelled to Derby to attend Jo and Roy's wedding.   This is drawn on drafting film and was completed in just a couple of hours - I won't be doing anything with it now.  


Lene said...

hi Sue
good luck with the entries! Very nice work, and good that you returned to them ;)

sue said...

Thank you Lene ... Its amazing how you can change opinions about a piece of work if its left to one side for a while isn't it?

Chrissy said...

They are all tremendous pieces of work. For me on a personal level, I love the horse, it is gorgeous and tells a astor. I hope you get in too... :D I am a member of the UKCPS and know it is very difficult to get selected, the standard of work is very high. I wish you all the very best, it would be good to get the letters by your name :)

Janet Pantry said...

Impressive set of pictures there Sue! Good luck for the exhibition - don't think you need it though! My favourite is that bottom tiger, fabulous! You can get such drama on dark paper and you've certainly got that with this one. And he is definitely Uncle Albert, Lol!

pett paintings said...

OMG Sue, stop beating yourself up! it's no wonder you struggle to "find time" you seem to have been incredibly busy from where I'm standing, makes me feel positively lazy :-/
All the work you have posted here is amazing and deserves a place at the exhibition so I look forward to a future post full of happy news!!x

sue said...

Cheers Kay .... the entries are posted and out of my hands so its upwards and onwards now.

I think there's a bit of pot calling kettle black here - nobody could call you lazy :o)

Angela Finney said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that you get though intitials this year! Some lovely pics -- much variety. I like the different perspective of the draft horse -- makes it very interesting.

Having been a prize winner is already a great achievement.

Sorry about the business, I know that happens, difficult to keep life simple, it seems.

sue said...

Thanks Angela.
I'm pleased I got round to submitting some work before the deadline (just about) and I'm feeling much more 'chilled' about life now :o)