Sunday, 20 June 2010


Sorry I've been a bit tardy with posting recently.
We're doing a little more hospital visiting as Richard's mum is having a few days holiday and co-incidentally the medics have started paying more attention to Richard.  He has had opthalmic and orthopaedic assessments in the last couple of days and tomorrow he is being taken by ambulance to a neuro hospital in Hackney to assess his suitability for a rehab programme there.  We have to leave home at 6am to get to the hospital at 9am so another early start for us.   But at the end of all this we should have a better idea of timing etc., assuming the hospital agree to 'take him on' we hope the waiting list won't be too long.  The sooner he starts rehab the better!!

Its my birthday today (not a Big one) and the day got off to a 'great start' when David got up to make coffee then decided to investigate why the water pressure was low from the  mixer tap in the sink.  We have one of those mixer taps on an 'extendable hose' contraption - allows you to pull the hose head out of the tap.   Having removed the head, he turned the water on full and managed to drown the ceiling, walls, windows and floors - nothing wrong with the water pressure now (but my blood pressure went up a few points)!!

But ... its also Father's Day and so he's allowed a bit of leeway :o)

We're off to the hospital this afternoon but this is where I'm at with the portrait of 'Coco'.   I was asked  to make her nose a little more brown and I have darkened a lot of the highlights on her face which I think were exaggerated in the reference photo because of the way the light fell on her.  


Janet Pantry said...

Happy Birthday Sue! I have a Bday next week, they seem to come along too quickly for my liking. Glad you had a good day, despite the plumbing mishap!

This is a truly lovely doggy portrait - very striking. I should think your client has got to be really pleased with it ;)

Sally McLean said...

Coco is beautiful Sue. The light on her fur is wonderful. Have a great Birthday and best wishes for Richard!

pett paintings said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday Sue!
Sounds as if the day wasn't all that special for either of you in the end :-( oh well maybe there will be some positive news on the Richard front today to make up for it....I hope so x
Hope Coco's owners are happy with your changes now as its a beautifully powerful and expressive portrait! IMO

"JeanneG" said...

Happy Birthday. I just love this dog portrait.

Angela Finney said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Sue. Hope it is a great year ahead!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful portrait, nice eyes, difficult to capture that color so well!

Like the wideness of your new format, I may have to look into the new formats.

Hope you had a great birthday dinner!

sue said...

Thanks everybody - and happy birthday for next week Janet :o) I know just what you mean about how quickly they come round

David said...

The mess in the kitchen wasn't my fault. It could have happened to anyone. I'm not a trained plumber.
You're a very lucky girl to have me. I keep telling you!

sam said...

Happy birthday Sue! Beautiful portrait)

sue said...

Thanks Sam