Thursday, 3 June 2010


This last week has been absolutely chaotic - definitely a case of one step forwards and two back .... thankfully it is relatively quiet on the commission front otherwise I'd be in a bit of a mess.   The chaos was compounded when our car decided to lock me out on Saturday.   I was about to leave the stables after visiting my (retired) horse, put the key in the ignition and then got out of the car to talk to somebody.  The car door partially closed (you know when it just 'catches' without closing properly) and the central locking system kicked in.  I'm told 'this just can't happen' ... but it did.    I was supposed to collect hubby from the bowling centre where he teaches a kids club - we share the car.   Luckily David's daughter was home and lives 20 minutes drive from the stables.   She collected her dad, then me, and drove us home to collect the spare keys - and back to the stables to open the car (a 2 hour round trip)!!  We then had to drive an hour to hospital to visit Richard - yet another marathon day.

Two or three hospital visits each week certainly puts us behind with other 'stuff' but Richard is making steady progress.   He is still unable to use his right arm/leg/eye and there's no news yet of when he can be accepted into a neuro rehabilitation programme -  its early days yet in terms of recovery from such a serious accident.   We realise he is likely to spend a further year in hospital(s) but all the time we see little improvements we're happy.

Two recent enquiries seem to have died natural deaths and the graphite 'human' portrait is now on hold till later in the year  ... I had announced that I would be taking a break from commissions to concentrate on exhibition work this Summer and it seems events are being taken out of my hands I think the recession is beginning to bite with many artist friends reporting a downturn in orders for the first Quarter of this year.   So the slowdown actually suits me at the moment.   I should be able to start on the chocolate lab a little earlier than anticipated but will liaise with my client first to see whether I can show WIP pics here.

David and I visited my framer today to collect the four cat pictures I will be taking to London in August.   I hope one at least will be accepted by the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery for exhibition (Society of Feline Artists) but I think the selection committee is fairly tough.  I'm really pleased with the framing although I can see things that I'm itching to change with the pictures - always the way isn't it?   They are protectively parcelled at the moment but I'll unwrap them during the weekend and see if I can photograph them to show here.

My framer's workshop is in a little coastal town about 10 miles away (Birchington) .. I love going there as its set in a time warp - the average age must be 70 and I feel soooooooo young.   The little shops still sell tea cosies, sensible knickers and hot water bottles - many items look as though they've lived in the shop windows for 20+ years!   But we had a lovely lunch out and it was a treat to just 'escape' the routine for a few hours.   We stopped off at a nursery on the way home and bought more plants for the garden (thereby extending the 'jobs to be done' list :o)

The weather was beautiful and the visibility wonderful today.  On the way home we passed fields full of giant oak trees ... and this dead one.  The light was fantastic but I didn't have my 'good' camera with me.  We keep a little camera in the glove compartment 'for emergencies' and David took this picture which doesn't really do it justice.   Here's my 'dead tree' photo anyway :o)

Well thats the end of another waffly blog post :o)    We're hospital visiting again tomorrow so I shall be working hard on my art during the weekend to make up and will post again then.   Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!


K. T. Sparks said...

Your life sounds as weird as ours has been the past year. After I was in the hospital in Aberdeen for a week on our holiday to visit friends in Banchory life just can't seem to be normal again back here in the states! It is so weird how it goes in spells!
My artist friends here have had tons of slack in their work with the recession. It is not good for anyone these days. I hope things turn around soon and your little village sounds so sweet! said...

Hi Sue,
I know exactly what you mean about those weeks ;-), pleased to hear Richard is making good progress, and hoping he continues to improve. I know how slow and frustrating it can feel, my husband's brother had a head injury and was left in a coma, after a car accident (several years ago now) and it was a very lengthy process but he made a good recovery eventually.
I love trees (as you are probably aware from my textile work) and your 'dead one' is no exception.

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Sue, it's good to hear that your Richard is making good progress, one less thing to worry about! I wish you luck with your cat pics for the exhibition - you are so well organized! Would love to see them if you can get them posted up. And yes, the weather's gorgeous, it perks everyone up I think :)

Jan said...

This year has been an explosion of unexpected happenings for us too so I sympathize with you! You're so great at getting things done though - I know you're handling it all very well.

Hooray for Richard's improvements!

Your cats are gorgeous and I'm sure they'll do well in the SOFA show!

sue said...

Thanks ladies :o)

I'm flattered you think I'm organised ... not how I'd describe myself but I'm trying very hard to get back on track. I think all this craziness is something to do with my/our age group - kind of piggy in the middle with ageing parents and grown up (?) children/stepchildren all relying on us. Can't wait for my turn to call the shots :o)