Tuesday, 8 June 2010


We had a visit this afternoon from a friend, Debbie, who has been building up a herd of dairy goats in Kent since 2004.  David (hubby) built them a website and I drew a pencil portrait of their founding goat Ellie which is used as their corporate logo.

Debbie used to work part time in addition to looking after 'her girls' but now the herd totals 150 she can concentrate solely on the dairy.    She no longer ships the milk out to be turned into cheese  but has gone into production on site.   Her visit today was to discuss changes to be made to her website to incorporate all the changes.    http://www.elliesdairy.co.uk/index.html

Sadly Ellie passed away recently but two days prior to her death, Ellie's grand-daughter was born and will carry on the name.  I love visiting when the little 'goatlings' arrive - but for obvious reasons the little boy goats have to be sent away and only a couple of breeding males are kept at the farm.

It was great to hear how successful Ellie's dairy has become and ..... better still ... Debbie bought us a new goats milk cheese to sample - its in the style of a camembert and she thoughtfully bought us a home baked loaf to go with it - so I know what we're having for supper tonight.   She needs a catchy name for the new cheese so hopefully once we've sampled it inspiration will hit.   In the interim she calls it goatcam - but I hope we can come up with something better :o)

No posting for me tomorrow - my farrier is coming at 'silly hour' to trim Roxy's hooves so I'll be leaving home at 7am to meet him.   We'll then have a few hours to kill until we can visit Richard in hospital so it may be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of shopping - I have two birthday presents to buy and am cutting it a bit fine as the first one is on Saturday!!  Its going to be a long day anyway.  

See you on Thursday


Angela Finney said...

Wonderful story and enjoyed looking at the site. I love goat cheese, though seldom can get it fresh around here.

Hope your nephew continues to improve.

sue said...

Thanks Angela
The site is about to be updated (its about 2 years out of date). The cheese was fabulous - and we're still trying to think of a suitable name. Think we might have to persuade Debbie that its more like Brie than Camembert (makes naming it easier)!!

Richard continues to make progress - albeit slowly. We spent 3 hours with him yesterday and he stayed awake the whole time!

pett paintings said...

Glad to hear of Richards progress Sue and dead envious of your gift of goats cheese.....yum
I will have a look at the goaty website as soon as I get a spare mo ;-)