Sunday, 27 June 2010


a few pics from the stable yard where my horse lives in happy retirement!

The weather is very hot and humid and only the geese seem happy but they have their little ponds and paddling pools to keep them cool

These little ponies are the 'oldies' - average age 30 and they are only allowed into the fields for limited grazing at this time of year (ponies are prone to laminitis and other problems associated with overindulgence on rich spring/summer grass).   This is one of several temporary penned areas they spend their afternoons in - its cool and shady and they can see everything that goes on in the rest of the yard.   It doesn't look very elegant but it does the trick and is easily dismantled to turn it back into a winter straw/hay storage area.

Flat out and snoring!!

Grumpy at being disturbed ..... what a mess eh?!!

He may be an 'oldie' but he still has a twinkle in his eyes - shetlands are such great little characters

and his Pal Barney is a real old gent - 35 I think.   Spends most of his time dozing but ... why not?

and just to prove they do have legs to stand on!

Poor Noggin .... he really doesn't like this heat at all - best to just snooze till the cooler weather returns!  I know how he feels :o)

6 comments: said...

lol! love the photos Sue, and the Charlie portrait is beautiful, hope you have a nice relaxing 'break'

Jennifer Rose said...

lol at the pony flat out and snoring away :)

has been hot here too, but thankfully there is a breeze today to help cool things down

sue said...

Thanks G. xx

Jennifer - I had to do a double take when I walked past the pony first time (thought he'd 'snuffed it' ... well you never know at his age)!!

My horse is 25 years young (but much bigger than him) and she is going to go on until she gets her telegram from the Queen!!

Dors said...

Love the photos of the ponies and noggin . It's a hard life.

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Sue. I love the shetland's

sue said...

It sure is tough!! But they have lots of human servants to look after them and make sure they get their feeds on time :o)

Jan said...

I had a little Shetland who was impossible - here they have a reputation as being stubborn and difficult but they sure are cute.

That first photo scared me also - but they both seem to live a great life in their retirement.