Thursday, 24 June 2010


Here's an update on Charlie the palamino pony.  I did take a few photos along the way but I'll just post the last one I think.  

Everything in the vicinity of my 'drawing board' is covered in pastel dust now - Yuk!!   That's the biggest drawback to using velour I think - I prefer to use pastel pencils rather than soft pastels but find the pencils a bit too scratchy on the velour surface.

I hope to get this finished tomorrow - In the reference photo Charlie is looking over a metal gate but I prefer to suggest a wooden fence so I need to tidy that up and add the final whiskers etc.   I then have to decide what paper I'm going to use for the piebald horse .... decisions, decisions!


Dors said...

Charlie is looking superb. Beautiful job Sue. He looks so gentle.

Bev said...

He's lovely Sue. I like your technique on this one and although pastels may be dusty and make a mess I think they are worth it. So much quicker than cp's.

sue said...

Thank you Dors. I know this pony and he is such a little gentleman - really 'chilled out' most of the time, and rather good looking I think!

Thans Bev - I'm certainly pleased with the speed at which this has progressed as its larger than A3. I do have several 'human' portraits in the pipeline and may try Pauline's technique with cps on pastelmat - using Zest-It solvent. Watch this space :o)