Wednesday, 16 June 2010

16/06: 'COCO' UPDATE

From the selection of reference photos I have it is difficult to determine Coco's colouring as she looks almost black in many of them but, particularly in the photo I'm working from, closer to the camera and in better light she is dark chocolate.

So, I've called a halt here and emailed my client for guidance.  If she is happy with the coat colour I simply have to add the final whiskers and highlights and then I can call her finished.

The following photos were taken within minutes of each other in the same lighting conditions, but they look slightly different when I lay coloured mounts over the top.

I have made a start on organising my Picasa photo albums into cat, dog, horse and human galleries - so if you click on the GALLERIES button towards the top of this page you will be directed to a page where you can access some of my previous portraits.    I have a lot of work to do here still .... but its a great idea from the Blogger team and I can manage these pages myself - unlike my website which hubby, David, looks after as he built and understands it !!

We're off to visit Roxy and then Richard this afternoon and straight on to friends tonight for a celebratory meal out (its my friend's 50th birthday today) .... many happy returns Jenni !!

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