Monday, 14 June 2010


Its been a very tiring few days and I managed to somehow 'tweak' my neck/shoulder so feeling a bit uncomfortable. Thankfully its easing a little this evening so I should be back on form tomorrow. I plan to spend a full day making up time on the portrait of 'Coco' and the pony.

Really, I don't need to work at all ..... I should just take advantage of one of the many offers emailed to me each day and I could be a multi-millionaire. I can't believe how many international raffle prizes I've won (even without entering) and how many rich (but displaced) Nigerian businessmen (or their Widows) would like me to launder money through my UK account for a generous percentage. I reckon I'll earn several hundred dollars a month with no real effort :o)

Luckily I have a great spam programme which filters these out, but I still like to have a quick read every now and then to see what new ideas the spammers have come up with ... amazing aren't they??

Anyway, here's an update of 'coco' taken at lunchtime. I've done more since then but didn't photograph it before we lost the light.


Janet Pantry said...

Sue, Coco is coming along beautifully! He looks very striking, some lovely browns/reds in there.

Know what you mean about the spammers - you have to be on the alert all the time. You can usually tell by the poor use of English they use, a dead give away! ;)

Dors said...

Coco is looking good already. I must check if I have missed anything else on your site while I have been away.

Great job as always.

Oh I know the emails... I get lots too. It's a good job we are one or more steps ahead of these spammers.

sue said...

Thanks ladies :o)

During the last two days I've had emails 'supposedly' from PayPal querying a problem with my account and they are quite 'good' - well written and almost believable. The big give-away though is that they don't address me by my user name (Paypal always does)

Amazing what tricks the spammers will try isn't it?