Sunday, 27 June 2010


I've worked on the 'grass' area a little more, made the fence posts thicker and added fine whiskers to complete Charlie

It's going to sit on the easel now for a couple of days awaiting approval.

We've booked flights to have a few days break at our holiday home in the Canaries - I think the temperatures are cooler there than they are at home at the moment but we both need to spend some time relaxing.   Every second or third day we've been out and about hospital visiting etc and they are usually 12 to 15 hour days.   We're feeling a bit jaded and in need of a change of scenery.  We fly out on Wednesday this week :o)

I will make a start on the piebald horse before we leave but there is no urgency and it can be completed when we get home.  I then have 5 'people' portraits to work on.   Not sure yet if I can show WIPs on the blog - I'll check with my clients closer to the start date.  4 of them are surprise gifts.


Anonymous said...

The piebald is beautiful Sue,love those colours ! Hope you and hubby have a nice rest in the Canaries, it is always good to recharge the batteries.

Dors said...

Your Palamino Pony is looking great, can't wait to see this one finished.

Have a good time at your home in the Canaries...Recharge those batteries.
Hope you have a nice restful time. We all need that now and again but all the hospital visits..the long days sure take a toll on the body.

sue said...

Thanks Vic and Dors

We have a day at home today. Hospital visiting tomorrow and then we leave Wednesday morning. We're both looking forward to a relaxing break and meeting up with all our friends in Fuerteventura

Chrissy said...

Lovely! I have really enjoyed looking back and seeing it come together... Your squirrel with bad table manners made me laugh. Have a lovely break, it sounds as though you are ready for it...I know that feeling, its lovely to relax for a little while :D

Jan said...

Your horse ended up beautifully as usual. Those little details like the whiskers really made it.

Hope you have a wonderful time on your R&R trip and come back really relaxed and refreshed!

Keith said...

Can I just suggest that there should be a bit of shadow from his head falling over the fence rail.

Sorry to be so picky.

sue said...

hi Keith

Not picky at all ... its always good to have a second or third pair of eyes ... many thanks! I'm not home till Thursday and will make the adjustment then. I need to deliver it at the weekend so still have a couple of days for last minute tweaks!

sam said...

Beautiful Sue, the details youve added really bring Charlie out, looks like a friendll pony)

sue said...

Thanks Sam.
Its back to work with a vengeance now - we had a lovely break but had to work so hard to catch up with everything on our return that I'm ready for another one!!

I have several 'human' portraits in the pipeline next ... funny how the trend suddenly switches from 4 legged to 2 legged subjects isn't it?

Lene said...

lovely horseportrait, his nose looks so soft and velvety :)