Saturday, 30 June 2012

30/06: TREE RATS!

When shopping in France on Thursday we bought a big bucket of 'fatballs' to fill the birdfeeders on our trees.   Whilst it is officially 'Summer' here in England, I think the birds still need a helping hand ....

So far, we've only seen robins on the feeders ... till tonight, when a couple of squirrels (tree rats) appeared ... they are quite skinny so we certainly don't begrudge them the calories.     

This squirrel seemed more interested in the windfall apples from our trees, but the apples are so small they must be pretty sour I'd think?

Seems to be rubbing his/her tummy don't you think????

Anyway, so long as they don't take the last of the strawberries or the rhubarb they are welcome in the garden ... their antics really keep us amused.

Back to artwork tomorrow .... I've photographed all the UKCPS entries so will complete/submit the entry form tomorrow.    6 days before deadline - how organised is that ????!!!

More in a day or so .......


Jan/ said...

Tree rats is the right name for those little demons! Of course we're surrounded by woods and have all kinds of fruit trees as well as a bunch of pecan trees but we have no use use for these things. We're even past thinking they're cute!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

not keen on the grey tree rats, but love seeing the red ones :D