Sunday, 10 June 2012


I can't believe I've spent more than half a century peeling bananas the 'wrong' way!   

I'd still have been doing it incorrectly had David not appealed for help recently as he couldn't break into his one.     I had to resort to digging my fingernails into the tough peel and wrecking the fruit inside.

That led to me wondering whether David (well, and me) were really less intelligent than your average monkey!!

A quick internet search showed we've been opening the 'wrong end' of the banana all these years.    Taking our cue from our monkey friends we learned that we should pinch the 'non stalk' end of the banana which neatly splits the skins and whats even better is that the 'strings' adhere to the skin and not the fruit.   Simple and it only took 50+ years to master :-)

Anyway, weather still lovely here on Fuerteventura - warm and sunny, unlike the weather reported by our house-sitters in Whitstable, Kent LOL

I realise it has been a while since I showed any art work - mainly because I'm having a total break from commissions whilst here.  I do have some exhibition pieces to be finished as soon as I'm home so will be back to posting artwork then.

In the meantime, how's this for spooky.   We went for a Tapas meal with friends last night and then finished the evening at a lovely Bar in Town called Rogues Gallery.   Its called that because the walls are decorated floor to ceiling with framed black/white photos and drawings of rogues.  Some are real life villains, some are film villains but it makes for interesting viewing.     Derek Mac (the host) sings a selection of songs from the 50s to 80s every Saturday evening.   He has a great voice and gets people up and jiving in the street outside his bar.

We got there in time for his last couple of songs and our friends got up to show off their jiving skills.   I tried to get a photo but didn't set the flash up properly ... this was the result.   Spooky or what??

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Jan/ said...

Well, you all aren't the only ones peeling bananas the wrong way! Even at my advanced years, I guess I can still learn something - thanks!

Now, did you know that you aren't supposed to touch the banana after you peel it? At least not unless you've washed your hands thoroughly because of the insecticides used on them.

Sounds as if you both are really having a good time but we do miss your regular posts and your art most of all.