Friday, 29 June 2012

29/06: WHAT A WEEK!!

We've been home almost a week and had sooooo much to do! Need another holiday methinks :-)

I'm back on target with exhibition entries and will be starting on my commissions later next week - the first ones on my drawing board will be a yellow labrador, a lady on horseback and two cats. These will all be completed in pastel so I just need to put the finishing touches to the current coloured pencil pictures and I can 'clear the decks' ready for the 'dusty stuff'

You will probably have seen these two before but I've decided to submit them to NEWA - National Exhibition Wildlife Art. I've never done this before so am hoping my art will be accepted. They have been delivered today to a 'collection point' from where they will be taken to the Exhibition Centre (near Chester).

I don't know why this has uploaded so badly - the original really doesn't have a line running through the tiger's paws!   don't you just love computers sometimes LOL

The organisers request that pictures are transported in easy release wrapping and they recommended using Stiffy Bags.    I'd never heard of them before but I ordered a few in various sizes - paid for them Tuesday and they were delivered by courier on Wednesday - Excellent Service.     Stiffy Bags are reinforced protective bags especially designed for transporting framed pictures.   They are re-useable and so will save money/effort compared with using lots of bubble wrap/cardboard/tape etc.    Easy Peasy!


hmuxo said...

I'm glad you're submitting these two INCREDIBLE paintings!!!! They will definitely be accepted. LOVE THEM!

sue said...

Aw thank you Hilda ... just hope the judges feel the same way.
Fingers crossed ..

Jan/ said...

Both paintings are excellent, Sue, and I think they'll both be accepted also!

I like the idea of your Stiffy Bags, I did a quick search but couldn't come up with anything exactly like them here in the US. You'll have to tell us more about them.

Glad you're about caught up and ready to start new commissions - can't wait to see them.

Good luck with all the exhibitions too!

sue said...

Thanks Bev :-)
I'm very pleased with the Stiffy Bags - much simpler to just slip the picture inside. They aren't as padded as I'd expected but they come highly recommended so 'time will tell' - I guess if I was sending by a standard courier (rather than a NEWA member) I could include some additional cardboard protection.

I followed advice on their website and allowed 4-5" additional sizing but found I could have got away with 2" as my frames aren't thick/ornate.

sue said...

Hi Jan.
Thanks very much.
Sorry your comment didn't show till after I'd responded to Bev. I'll know more about the Stiffy Bags when I get these ones back and can see how they've coped!

Sjamesportraiture said...

A friend of mine uses stiffy bags and loves them. I've made a DIY version involving bubble wrap.

sue said...

Well I now have a very large Stiffy Bag intended for the tiger picture which is pretty big ... It could easily accommodate 2 smaller pictures individually wrapped for the next exhibition.

Great idea..... I'll let you know what I think after they've been re-used a couple of times

Sally McLean said...

Haven't been on blogger for ages and just thought to visit your blog. Love these two cats Sue. They are sure to do well.:)

sue said...

Hi Sally
Blogger is like that isn't it .... we get full of enthusiasm and blog almost daily ... then weeks/months go by ......
Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)