Saturday, 30 June 2012


The annual 'Ride for Life' at Speedgate in Kent took place today.    Horses and riders from around the country became as 'pink as possible' to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

The weather was pretty grim this morning with torrential rain first thing, and very high winds.     Whilst visiting my horse, Roxy, I sneaked a few photos as the girls were getting themselves and their ponies/horses ready.    The yard is named Warrigal so the collective name for entrants from our yard was Warrigirlies (or similar).  

   In previous years the outfits were much more outrageous but today's high winds meant that outfits (for the horses) had to be restricted to items that wouldn't flap too much and cause panic .... nevertheless they were all having fun and here's a few pictures I took early this morning

Not looking impressed!

Lulu didn't want to travel with the 'little ponies' but eventually got loaded into the horsebox!!    Don't you just love that crown!???

 Always so perfectly behaved ... the perfect pony!!

I think the riders all opted to dress once they arrived at the venue and could assess the weather conditions better - wise decision as most of the ponies were already pretty wired up by this time.

My 'old lady' had her own brand of decoration:

Not pink at all ..... more bird sh*t coloured!!!!!    Swallows have nested in the beams at the top of Roxy's stall in the barn and so she is a natural target for any of the 'fall out' from the nest.     Happily, the young swallows are now very active and likely to fly the nest in the next day or so ....

and after visiting Roxy, we went to visit the Mums and Daughter/Grand-daughter.

Grand-daughter, Sophie-Louise was joining in with the Pink Theme.   She has been given this 'play tunnel' which she just loves .....  reminds me of the flexible vinyl tunnels you see at Dog Agility classes ... but if it keeps grand-daughter amused, who am I to comment :-)

Too much girlie pink for me .... I'm more of your mud coloured lady methinks!!

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Jan/ said...

The ride in support of cancer research sounds like a lot of fun. Wish we had a bit of your weather and you could have a bit of ours - might even it out for all of us!

Little Sophie is really growing and is beautiful!

Poor Roxie! We had swallows under our porch eaves and they were the nastiest things. As much as we hate to, we now tear out any nests under the porch for the sake of sanitation!