Friday, 29 June 2012


We went to France for the day yesterday, travelling by Ferry from Dover, Kent to Dunkerque with the crossing taking approx 2 hours.     The weather forecast predicted high white cloud and mild temperatures.

In reality it was extremely hot and steamy in France.  Having completed our shop at Auchon Hypermarket (mainly wine and beer it has to be said) we drove to the Dock to await our 6pm return crossing and suddenly we were bombarded with huge hailstones - I wound down the window to take photos from the car but the hailstones were beating down so ferociously they hurt! 

David manfully got out of the car and picked a couple up to show the size (although they were melting in his warm hands quite quickly)

this one had broken on impact but you can see how big it still is (compared with a 1 euro coin which is 23.2 mm/0.91" in diameter)

I took these pics around 4.35pm (5.35pm French time) and as you can see from the reading in our car, the outside air temperature was still extremely hot whilst the hailstones were falling .... amazing experience!  This equates to approx 32.7deg for those who think in Celsius rather than fahrenheit :-)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its been really humid here but lots of rain. got caught in a hail storm walking the dog yesterday, was really odd this time of year

Jan/ said...

Wow! Looks like hot weather all over. Today the temps were 106 degrees F here and it's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!!! I think tomorrow will be a good day to stay in and paint!

sue said...

Hi Jennifer. Hope you and Sky didn't get hit - those stones really hurt don't they?

I don't think I could cope with 106deg Jan - I like sunshine/warmth but there are limits ... look forward to seeing the results of your painting day :-)