Friday, 1 June 2012


I am struggling to type as have a problem with left wrist/hand.  I thought it was a recurrence of trapped nerve in neck which happened this time last year, but visited a chiropracter said it was too swollen for her to deal with so she directed me to the GP next door and after blood tests found I have some sort of bacterial infection - maybe a reaction to an insect bite (although i don't appear to have bitten).  So she administered a steroid injection (ouch) and i have a course of antibiotics.  Very pleased to say that swelling is much reduced but still painful and difficult to use fingers.   I have to revisit the GP tomorrow to check progress and ensure the infection isn't spreading

So here are a few pics taken at our local Campanario Centre (complex of small shops/bars built around a lovely courtyard where we often sit and enjoy a glass of wine and some tapas if we don't want to walk into Town - this centre is just 10 mins walk from our house)

This is the 'offending' wrist now that the swelling has reduced i'm left with blotchy red patches.

anyway its easier to show pictures than to type one-handed.  Some of these need to be colour adjusted as they were taken around midday in very bright sunshine, but a bit difficult for me to do at the moment but you can see what a great community spirit there is in the Town and pride in their National identity.
There were lots of market stalls selling local produce and BBQ stalls in addition to the usual Tapas bars so whilst I went round 'snapping' photos David walked around sampling the goodies!!

This cute little girl was raiding the flower beds to make a posy (bless)

I caught up with her a little later and she was happy to pose with her ill-gotten gains!

Age is no barrier!

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Jan/ said...

Great photos, Sue, I always enjoy seeing pictures of places I know I probably won't get to visit in person.

I'm glad you've gotten a diagnoses on your wrist/arm and are getting treatment for it. Hopefully you'll get it cleared up soon and can get back to both painting and typing!