Monday, 18 June 2012


We're still enjoying lovely weather here in Fuerte but I'm told by our House-sitters in Kent that the Whitstable weather has been quite good for a few days so they've been able to enjoy some outings to the beach etc.

We'll be back in England in the early hours of Saturday and I'll really have to 'hit the road running' after this break from the drawing board.    For the first time I'm entering a couple of pictures into the NEWA exhibition (National Exhibition of Wildlife Art) and they have to be taken to the collection point closest to me for onward transport to the North of England (Near Chester).  These are existing pastel drawings - one snow leopard and one tiger.   I hope they will be accepted for hanging but if not at least I'll know what sort of level I'll need to aim for next year.

I need to finish my entries for the UKCPS exhibition at Nuneaton.   Deadline for entries is 7 July so they are my priority.   Then I'll be working on two commissions with end July deadlines - one of which is going to be a real challenge .... I hope I'll be allowed to show the step-by-step WIP pictures

so I'll be back to posting artwork pictures very soon ...  this is a coloured pencil drawing I started before we came to Fuerte - it needs to be finished by mid July and I didn't realise I had photos stored on this computer.    These are two of the 'out-takes' as the colour needs adjusting.  I'm working on the dark grey (anthracite) pastelmat which my camera doesn't like very much

I'll post better pictures when back home but you get the idea .... this is Dave who is part of a Folk/Celtic singing group called Labyrinth, I photographed them when they were playing in the town centre at their home town of Faversham a few weeks ago.  


Jan/ said...

I'm so glad you were able to show this painting wip - you know it's a favorite of mine and is looking fabulous - such character and you've certainly caught it.

Lots of luck on the others getting accepted into the NEWA exhibition too!

sue said...

Thank you Jan :-)

I have mixed feelings about returning to the UK - having such a lovely time here I don't want to leave ... but our flights are booked and I have a lot of work waiting so my last few days here will inevitably be spent planning work schedules etc .....

I'm sure most of my arty friends will understand the 'painting in your sleep' scenario. Sometimes I wake up convinced I've finished a portrait (in my dreams)!!!

Doreen Cross said...

Stunning piece Sue. Love it.

hmuxo said...

SO GORGEOUS, Sue!!! I'm not sure how I missed this one!!!

sue said...

Thanks Dors and Hilda.
I've about finished this picture so will show updates soon .. but now I have to crack on with a different sort of painting (kitchen walls)!!