Thursday, 21 June 2012


We went to our favourite restaurant last night for my 'birthday meal' - La Taberna, owned and managed by Juan and his wife Anna for more than 20 years.   Juan takes care of 'front of house' and Anna and her team of ladies produce all the fantastic food.

Juan presented us with a bottle of bubbly and had a couple of glasses himself as he will be celebrating his birthday this Sunday (and is in fact 4 days younger than me)!   I didn't have my camera with me last night so here's a photo taken a few years ago with David, myself and Juan celebrating another 'occasion' with a glass of Bubbly! 

Although I miss hearing the beautiful birdsong of the English robins and blackbirds, we have plenty of birdlife here on Fuerteventura.   A family of finch-type birds visit every afternoon with mum and dad frantically trying to find enough bugs to feed the demanding youngsters and we have a few Spanish sparrows as regular visitors also.  Unfortunately they are all a bit too quick for me and my camera.

But, I was chuffed to have another opportunity to photograph a Hoopoe.   Last year I got lots of close up pics of a Hoopoe that landed in a palm tree and posed beautifully for the camera.  Unfortunately, I had computer failure a few weeks later and lost a lot of files of ref photos - hoopoes included.      So when we walked home from town last week and this one landed on the beach nearby I was pleased I had my camera with me

Very nearly got a pic with the Hoopoe's crest raised .... but not quite!

and this is a nest that is being built in the eaves of our roof terrace .... the bees are busy all day long.  I'm not sure its the sort of thing we really want here, but haven't the heart to destroy it (yet)!!

these aren't in keeping with the 'b' theme of my Blog header but I couldn't resist ...... such lovely flowers and such wicked thorns


Jan/ said...

So glad you had a good birthday, Sue, and we wish you many, many more!

Great photos too!

sue said...

Thanks Jan

Back to posting artwork updates from next week ..... holiday well and truly over :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

glad you had a good time :D

hmm are you sure those are bees? look more like wasps, and you def. don't want a wasp nest around

Doreen Cross said...

Happy belated birthday Sue. I have been away all last week at my daughters in Townsville.

Glad you had a great day... Super photo... you look so well and younger all the time.
Pretty pink toes. :D

Love all the photos.