Saturday, 16 June 2012


First Happy Birthday to Jenni (not sure if you'll see this but we'll catch up in a couple of weeks anyway) ;-)

Secondly, many thanks to Jan (Pets to Posies) who does not have a Facebook Account and couldn't view/vote for any of the pictures in the Best of British competition I posted about a few days ago.    She has been advised of an alternative link which allows her to access all the entries and vote   - heres the link:

There are more than 100 pictures and lots of interpretations of 'Best of British' from many familiar 'faces' on Blogger and UKCPS etc.   so if you haven't visited/voted yet please take a look.   Voting closes July 10th.

and finally ........ beach bars, or more to the point 3 photos from recent walks into Town which just happen to have been taken from vantage points in various Beach Bars here in Fuerte!!   Well, its a long hot walk along the beach path from Town to Home so always advisable to stop off for a cold beer or similar!

This was taken in a Spanish Cideria.    The Cider (sidra) is from Asturia and is traditionally poured from a height of 3 or 4 feet above the glass to aerate it and improve the flavour.    On a windy island like Fuerteventura - especially on the seafront as this bar is - it takes great skill to get any of the liquid in the glass at all ... but on Very Windy days the waiters play safe and pour the Cider in the doorway which is sheltered from the wind!

Another day, another bar and I took this photo of a dove who was escaping the hot sunshine by sheltering under a chair ..... its 'white stripes' are caused by sunlight through the slats of the wooden seat.

and from yesterday's 'watering hole' we watched this strange scene unfold ..... didn't have the heart to tell them the water was only waist deep so wetsuits and oxygen tanks were a little OTT!!

Although it looked like something from a James Bond film it was nothing more exciting than the local Dive Centre returning the day's pupils to base ..... but it kept us entertained

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i had completley forgot about that compitition until it was too late to enter :/

and that does look like it takes skill to pour that cider like that. does it actually do anything for the flavour tho?