Thursday, 7 June 2012


Much as I love this island, and our house here, I'm sad to say that I miss the ease with which I can Blog/email/text/phone back in the UK ..... that's probably a bit sad as this surely has to be a much better lifestyle where family values are so important and friends meet to chat over a glass of wine and plate of tapas - not just the internet or the dreaded FACEBOOK which I hate!!  But tonight I had time (and a good internet connection) so was able to look at all the recent Blog Posts i've missed and I felt 'deprived' .... that is so wrong!!!

So I'm a mixed up 50 something person I guess!!    perhaps its the onset of yet another birthday (20th June ) that has set me to thinking like this ....

Anyway,  yesterday we went to a birthday party and had a brilliant afternoon and met lots of people we knew on the island ... and many new faces.    Got home late afternoon/early evening and had a Siesta and then went out to a QuizNight  at 10pm and won first prize ... so the afternoon's alcohol intake didn't impact too much :-)

I won't post photos taken at the BBQ as other people's photos are never that interesting but this morning the weather turned very windy and we had light rain/heavy clouds till around 3pm ... David and I went for a walk round town with camera ready to photograph any interesting people/scenes but when the rain became heavier we retreated to a Spanish Tapas bar  for lunch.   We always try to avoid the 'British Bars' as we prefer to experience the local cuisine whenever possible (unless it has tentacles or facial features .... I'm not a vegetarian but I don't like to see eyes and recognisable bits inmy food)!!

Before the rain became too heavy I photographed lots of local gardens/views - this is probably the best time of year for local flora.   The colours are truly spectacular

This is a neighbouring property wall


When the rain stopped, the air became very clear and as we walked home via the beach path from town, this is the view of neighbouring lobos island and the calmest seas I've seen for some time on this island (which is famous for its high winds and excellent surfing conditions)

Whilst on the Beach path we noticed one of the empty properties had been adopted by a local moggie who was stretched out enjoying the sunshine next to the pool .... not the most attractive cat and he/she does not have a clipped ear/collar so I'll pass on details to our friend 'catwoman' who will look out for this one on her next 'neutering' run ......  small wonder the cat looked suspicious - I guess all the cats here mistrust English speaking ladies whose intent is to reduce the breeding cat population by whatever means necessary!!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

run kitty, fun ;p

i have never understood when people travel to a different country, they only stick to food and areas that are like the place they just left :S

Jan/ said...

Congratulations on your Quiz win and a big high five on the photos - you really got some beauties in spite of the rain!

sue said...

I agree totally jennifer, I hate the Brit bars here that advertise large screen football matches and all the British Soaps!!!

Thanks Jan. Fuerteventura is a volcanic island and once you get away from the few 'tourist' towns there is no farming or cultivation so its a very stark landscape, but I love these tropical shrubs. Probably not as interesting to you as you aren't far from Florida and its vibrant landscape.