Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Thanks to Judith Crown for the 'heads up' re. the Derwent sponsored competition which closed for entries yesterday.    The theme is anything 'British' - quirky or otherwise, drawings to be completed in pencil or pastel pencil.

Several fellow UKCPS members have entered pictures ..... being out in The Canaries at the moment I was pleased to find that I had a picture stored on the travel laptop which fitted the bill.
I entered this cp drawing I did of hubby (David) a couple of years ago.   

You know how it is when you get all the food prepared for your Summer Barbecue and then  the sky clouds over and it starts to rain and the wind picks up ......... But with true British stoicism the 'man of the house' volunteers to carry on anyway .....  this was one of those occasions.   David didn't know I had photographed him (from the shelter/warmth of the house) and I just loved the long-suffering expression on his face as he waited for the kebabs to cook.   Trying to capture the rain which was coming in sideways was a real challenge   :-)

Anyway folks ...... there are 100+ entries in the competition and you can vote for as many as 20 of your favourites .... I'd be VERY happy if you'd take a look and even HAPPIER if you'd give me one of your votes :-)

I don't know if you can vote if you don't have a FACEBOOK account.  I don't have an account myself so had to enter by using David's  but here's the link:


There's an interesting and varied selection of pictures to choose from.

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Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Hey Sue,

So glad you entered the contest as this is tops - what I would think shows British weather perfectly! lol Poor David!

Another link to the pictures is

as I couldn't see all the entries going through the Facebook link. This link might help others too.