Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Whilst cooling my feet in the pool and turning the mosaic tiles into a pretty swirly pattern (as you do) I realised that the toe ring on my right foot is 14 years old today

The ring was a present from my friend Di for my 40th birthday - now that gives the game away doesn't it?    Me and my toe ring have only been separated for a couple of days in that time ... I thought I'd lost it whilst walking into Town here on Fuerteventura last year and David and I spent hours retracing our footsteps looking for the ring without success.   I found it a couple of days later under the mat in our shower room.

So Happy Birthday toe ring ... and happy birthday me :-)


Vicki Holdwick said...

Happy B'day, Sue,

great pic of the tootsies,


sue said...

Thanks Vicki :-)

I hate my tottsies but how else could I say happy birthday to my toe ring ?

Jan/ said...

Happy Birthday to you, Sue! And happy birthday to your toe ring too!

I think it's a neat photo and your tootsies are cute.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

with the amount of times I break toes, wearing a ring on them would be a bad idea :p

happy birthday!!

sue said...

Thanks ladies.
Just had a lovely birthday meal at our favourite restaurant here on Fuerte. Juan (owner) presented us with a bottle of champagne to celebrate my birthday ... and his birthday on Sunday (24th). Was a bit dismayed to find he is 4 days younger than me ... I'd always thought he was a few years older (ouch)!!

"JeanneG" said...

Happy Birthday.