Friday, 30 August 2013


Well, after the miserable weather we had during the first half of 2013 when the 'experts' predicted that Summer wouldn't happen this year, and maybe not for several more years, we had an extended period of hot, dry weather that proved them totally wrong.

But now we're seeing the signs that Summer is on its way out and Autumn is upon us

More spiders ... this one has set up home outside my 'studio' window 

Swallows gathering in readiness for flying off to warmer climes for the Winter (not a bad idea, we're doing the same thing next week) LOL

We saw these when in Derbyshire earlier in the week 

a bit blurry, but they were high up and I was photographing them against a bright sky

and, as you'll see from this information board, the Fallow Deers antlers are at the 'August/September' stage - not pretty, looks like this one has got dreadlocks

I think the ladies/fawns are much cuter

These were all photographed at the Chestnut Centre Conservation & Wildlife Park which is about 10 minutes drive from the Bed & Breakfast we stayed at in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire.   We had a wonderful visit with Jo and Roy and all their four legged family (Collie, Maine Coon cats, Love Birds and Budgies)!!

The Chestnut centre features otters and owls.  The otters were hiding away and apparently are more active shortly after their feedtime but we couldn't spend too much time waiting around.  I have a few photos of owls and one otter which I'll post next time.   For now, need to relax as its been a hectic few days and we're both pretty tired.

Hope your weekend is good so far


Jo said...

Glad you had a good time. Lovely pix of deer. You can keep yer spiders, thanks.

Off again soon eh? Lucky you. How long for this time?

Polly Birchall said...

Hope it isn't another 7 years before we have another beautiful summer. More signs on my walk today, leaves falling and my sedum is flowering which I love but it always makes me think that the summer is over! Beautiful pics, happy weekend

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you can never believe what the weather man say. I could have dealt without the 31C weather we had, a bit too warm

Jan said...

We're getting more and more spiders too - ugh!

The deer photos are great but the males do look a little unkempt.

Have fun on your holiday

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jo
4 weeks, family permitting?? Historically one or other of the mums has become ill or fallen when we have our Autumn hols. Fingers crossed doesn't happen this year.

We've got house-sitters looking after our place whilst we're away

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Polly, Jennifer & Jan

Yep its been a funny old year ... too wet, too cold or too hot it seems. But what else would be Brits moan about? (assuming I'm allowed to call you an honorary Brit Jennifer whilst you're living here) LOL

The bucks were 'messy' Jan, they were proud of those antlers but they'll look better once they get rid of the remains/velvet which was hanging in shreds over their faces