Monday, 19 August 2013


Had a lovely email enclosing photos of the memorial portrait which went out to Singapore recently and is now framed and hanging on my client's wall.    Here is 'Spice'

I love the simplicity of the frame with this picture.    The  horse portrait (Zinc) was for the same client who has had the portrait framed and will be taking it to her daughter next month.  Her daughter lives in Australia where she is training to be a Vet, the horse belonged to her and is another memorial portrait.  I'm hoping to see photos of the framed portrait once it is delivered and hung.

I heard from my friend Lynne (Catwoman) in Fuerteventura that one of the two feral cats I feed when out there has died.   Its companion is very sad and lonely so just hope it pulls through as they are quite elderly I think.  We think they are/were brother and sister.  I never named them but we just called them 'The Lara Cats' as they lived in the garden of an empty villa named Lara Villa.    When I'm in England, Lynne visits regularly to leave biscuits and water for them as they aren't tame enough to be rehomed, they come to call but are wary of humans.

The one we have been most concerned about is the one at the back here (the boy) because of that growth on his face, but it is the other one (the girl) that has passed away.

RIP little girl and I hope brother can adapt to being alone

Talking of Fuerteventura, the weather out there is exceptionally hot just now with temperatures of up to 44deg in the shade being recorded.   I'm pleased we aren't there at the moment as that would be too hot for me.   

I have been very busy with non-arty bits recently but have been sorting through my hundreds of ref. photos to shortlist a few which will be next on the drawing board.   I'm going to concentrate on coloured pencil work for the next couple and hope to make a start on the first one by the weekend.

We're being treated to lunch at Whitstable Castle today so must go and make myself presentable ... seems to take longer to do that these days LOL.    Its also getting harder to get David to be ready on time - he's always late for everything because he gets sidetracked too easily.

Yesterday we were late leaving to visit the mums as he couldn't find his trainers/shoes.    He searched upstairs and downstairs getting more and more frantic so I had to join the search.    I eventually spotted them on a shelf in his office.   He'd intended to file away a folder of papers he'd been working on but picked up his shoes and filed them instead ... I ask you !!!!!!!     ;-}


Jan said...

Awww, what a shame about the kitty. Even if they weren't family pets, they still were a part of your life. Wow, the temps on Fuerte would be too hot for me too - that would be well over 100 degrees F!

The painting of Spice looks great in that frame - good choice.

Can't wait to see what you end up painting. It's frustrating to have so many non-art obligations especially when you're inspired.

Jo said...

Sorry to hear about the puss cat.

Talk about the absent minded professor!!!!

Sue Clinker said...

It is a shame. I think the cats were once 'house cats' but were abandoned when the villa owners left the island.

I think I have a day at home on Thursday so will definitely be making a start on a drawing then. Can't wait - got the bit between my teeth now.

Absent minded indeed Jo!!

Polly Birchall said...

Poor lovely cats and sad little story. Oh, and when you mentioned the lost trainers, I though you were going to say he had them on already! But that's another story

Peggy said...

Spice looks lovely all framed up :)
lol to your absent minded professor.
Very sad about the female cat. Not only that she died and left him behind but also that they probably were once beloved pets that were abandoned!

Cathy Holtom said...

I'm always amazed at your animal portraits, so life-like!
Poor little kitty :-(

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

poor kitty :(

looking forward to seeing your next piece of work :)

really starting to think being late is a guy thing, dont know many that are on time lol