Friday, 23 August 2013


Some photos taken at the Venetian Fete 'Floating Tableaux' as its described in the official guidebook.   I took a lot of these photos whilst the boats (or floats I guess they could more aptly be called) were being prepared and before the crowds really started to gather.    The Fete takes place once every two years on the Royal Military Canal in Hythe, Kent.

I think they must have looked far more spectacular when it got dark and  the floats were illuminated but we really didn't want to wait around for nightfall.    Hopefully you get a sense of the wonderful fun atmosphere from this random selection

The Samba Pelo Mar drum group - Whitstable's community Samba Band.   The lady in the middle dressed in blue (Margaret) is a fellow member of our Bowls Club

This band is from Belgium - very good they were too

The Mary Poppins 'crew' on dry land

and on the Water

It was nice that some of the 'rowers' got in on the act as well, these were towing the Dr Who float which was one of the 'best decorated' in my opinion.   They were raising funds for the Alison Wiltshire Trust.  Alison Wiltshire was a local GP in Hythe who died from cancer early this year and her family have set up a Trust to raise funds for local enterprises.

Getting into the spirit of things - looks like mademoiselle is ¾ of the way through that bottle of Spitfire (a potent beer from local Shepherd Neame brewery)!

and the much loved characters from the comedy programme 'Allo Allo'

RNLI - our brave lifeboat men

You can see how busy it became which is partly why we decided to 'escape' the Town early even though we missed the fireworks and illuminations

Best seats in the house went to the local dignitaries, including the Mayors of the Cinque Ports (those in red robes and ceremonial chains).   The Cinque Ports are historic coastal towns which were granted Royal status in the 13th Century for defending the English coastline.  (Ironic that they used 'cinque' for 'five' as we were probably defending the coast from the French more than anyone else) LOL  

There are other towns included in the confederation but the main towns/ports are Hastings, New Romney, Hythe, Dover and Sandwich

Being fed and watered :-)

Bu**er ..... they put the goodies behind metal fencing to keep us commoners out !!

Time for an hour of work on the gorilla and then I'm bowling this afternoon and tonight ....


  1. Gosh this really is a big occasion. It's surprising what we have on our own doorstep. Thanks for sharing your pics


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