Sunday, 11 August 2013


OK who will own up to recognising that phrase, Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy, from their childhood (without resorting to Google)?   and did you know that the show (based on this character) is the longest running TV childrens' programme in the UK?

But I digress ... I just thought the title suited as, yet again, we have been running around like the proverbial B... A.... Fly (or flies, plural, actually).

Friday morning's bucket rattling for Air Ambulance outside Asda Supermarket, Canterbury, was great fun as Everybody LOVES Air Ambulance and the great work they do .. just a shame that the majority of the funding has to be charitable and not paid by the Government.     In four hours we raised £400+ which was incredible in the current economic climate.   The collection buckets were incredibly heavy after a couple of hours so I'm pleased we only did half a day.

Me with bucket outside the exit (waiting to pounce).   A bit fuzzy as its taken on David's mobile phone - but its kinder to me as the wrinkles don't show LOL

and David testing the kiddie's photo opportunity cut out (at home).  The faces of the paramedics can be removed so children can put their faces in the gaps and parents can photograph them on mobiles etc.

We had to rush home to Whitstable so I could play in a Bowls Match Friday afternoon.

My mother is staying for a few days so we collected her yesterday and then visited a classic car/bike show and fun day which was raising funds for Help for Heroes - I'm not really a 'car person' but I do love looking at some of the classics.

We had a walk round Faversham, a beautiful market town and I was amazed to bump into Dave and his wife Sue.    You may recall last year (probably the last time David and I were in Faversham) I photographed a Folk Group who were singing in one of the side streets.   I used Dave as the model for a picture I called the Beard & the Bard (for reasons I hope were obvious from the photo).     I put the picture on my Blog and somebody recognised Dave and told him about my drawing.  His wife contacted me and I found out the Group is called Labyrinth and they were singing to raise funds for charity.  Sue has a fabulous voice.  

My drawing had been accepted/juried into the UKCPS Int'l exhibition at Nuneaton in 2012 so I told Sue she could have the drawing once the exhibition finished but .... s*ds law, the picture got sold!   I really hadn't expected anybody to want to buy a drawing of an unknown person but obviously it was quirky enough to appeal to somebody.

Anyway, we recognised Dave of course and it was lovely to have a chat with the two of them.


This weekend is the 220th Whitstable Regatta on the slopes of our nearby beach. Its a 2 day event with lots of fairground rides, traditional funfair games and stalls etc.  There was a grand firework display last night we'd intended to see but the weather turned quite cold and windy so we opted to stay at home and just watch/listen from the comfort of our house.

Today we've done a tour of the local resorts, starting with a walk round the funfair/stalls on the Tankerton Slopes and visiting Herne Bay and Margate (and smaller towns between).   Having a visitor really made us get out and about doing 'touristy things' which was quite nice as we normally avoid the seaside resorts in the Summer Season.   We've seen lots of restaurants we'd like to try so its been a great experience.

 Just got to sort out all the photos as I took today - lots of a labrador having great fun swimming in the sea, and then a group of Search & Rescue Newfoundland dogs/owners who put on a demonstration in the sea at Margate.  Newfies are pretty amazing dogs ... the size of small ponies in most cases.



Jan said...

Sounds as if you all are having a grand ole time. Glad the Air Ambulance solicitation went so well too.

How fun to have seen Dave and his wife & that you recognized him. Also that you were able to walk up and talk to him. You hadn't met him in person before had you? I mean to talk to.

Glad things are going well & that you're getting some touristy things done too!

Polly Birchall said...

Wow, that Bard beard thing is amazing. Must have taken you ages. Ta for sharing your weekend with us.

Jo said...

You are talking about my old home grounds, we lived at Oare Creek (boat) just outside Faversham, I was at school in Herne Bay, took riding lessons in Tenterdon, and so on and so on.

Sounds like you had a good weekend, what a coincidence bumping into Dave and wife. Trust mum is enjoying herself. How did your Match go?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

o.0 you have been very busy o.0
when mom was here, we did the touristy thing, which we would normally avoid lol