Saturday, 24 August 2013


Do you know the Marmite slogan .... Love it or Hate it??     Well I'm having a Marmite experience with the Gorilla drawing.   As it begins to take on a life of its own now I have to keep at it to see how it will evolve, I'm the artist and I haven't got a clue!

This morning I was going to bin it, this afternoon I swear it winked at me, and it has a stay of execution.   I going to take a break from it and see how I feel after another day or so .... also, this time I photographed it from a distance, which is of course how we normally view art.   Working so close to it and seeing it 'warts n all' isn't good

This morning's photo - there are so many colours in this, but they will tone down as the top layer of fine hairs is added

and this afternoon, with a little more distance.

I've made a start on a much smaller coloured pencil work - just an experiment really to see how I cope with drawing the sea/waves ... I need to get out of my comfort zone and try different things. 

OK ... we're off to a family birthday barbecue tomorrow so fingers crossed the rain will disappear (as promised) and we get a nice sunny day.

ps:   I LOVE Marmite - do you?


Jenni said...

I think its outstanding and my turn out to be one of your best ever!!!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi J.
Thanks very much...time will tell :-)

Hope all went well at the auction, did it sell?

Jenni said...

It did, £2K so she was well pleased :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

please finish this! please, its just gorgeous

havent had marmite, but have had vegimite, hated it :p

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jennifer ... Not sure if i'm going to finish the gorilla or its going to finish me LOL

no contest Vegemart is Yukkky!!! You have to try Marmite

Sue Clinker said...

Good news J. Hope the rest of the week goes as well LOL

Love to Barbara :-)

Jo said...

I definitely think you should finish the gorilla it is looking wonderful

Vegemite and Msrmite are supposed to be very different. I like Marmite although I haven't had it in years. Never tried Vegemite.

Peggy said...

Oh I sure hope you do finish it! It's looking fantastic!
I never know how my work will look and evolve. It just happens :)

Jan said...

You've been busy while I was gone! Definitely don't bin it - it's going to be great.

Polly Birchall said...

This is so lifelike I swear he blew a raspberry at me lol xx

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Peggy, Jan and Polly, thanks for commenting.
The gorilla drawing is on an easel in the corner of my studio and his eyes follow me everywhere like he's reproaching me for not finishing him off (artistically that is, not literally) LOL

But I'm determined to give it at least another day before doing any more work on him.

I'm bowling this afternoon so going to spend the next two hours working on my 'seascape' which I have to say IS NOT going well but its all part of the plan to try lots of different things whilst I'm having my break from portrait commissions