Thursday, 1 August 2013


Nearly 2 weeks since my last post (must do better)!

So much has happened since we got back from Fuerte in the early hours of Saturday ... don't know where to start really.     But here are some photos taken during that period that kind of loosely link together

A week ago we were on the sand dunes of Fuerte with a group of friends, two of whom were celebrating birthdays.  Happy Birthday Edel and Ros - we had a great time with you.  Lovely meal on the beach provided by Alex

 and then into the sea ... some just to paddle (me included) others to go the whole hog - bit too cold for my liking!

told you it was cold girls!   Gillian and Annie

Birthday girl Edel (before she got swamped by that big wave)

and Birthday girl Ros with some of the 'boys'


David and his better half (me) LOL.    Wish we were still there

and another Beach Bum ... this time at the Town beach where David and I were enjoying a tapas lunch.  This young lady posed on the wall whilst her other half took a photo ... David preferred the back view and it would make a good postcard pic I think?

We like to go for long walks along the beach path from our house and right around the old town of Corralejo .. the scenery changes dramatically from small beaches with gentle swimming conditions surrounded by small bars to volcanic rock strewn beaches with pounding waves where the surfers like to 'play' and there is also a traditional harbour area.  

On a more deserted stretch of beach we saw this - looks like something nasty crawling out of the sea doesn't it?

but viewed up close, from a different angle

it was just a piece of driftwood with 'attachments' - limpets or similar.   Amazing how very different it appeared viewed from the other side!

Some things never change ... gulls are opportunistic thieves and very enterprising when they spot a food source.

Within minutes of this guy appearing with his bait bucket ... he had a crowd of followers

Back home in England ... guess who spotted the hedgehog food (cat biscuits) inside the 'cat proof' container we use to keep the food dry

He has found the 'doorway' into the box

How low can he stoop?

Hmmmm .... all the way it seems!

and finally for today's marathon post ..... the new British Icon has been announced by BBC Wildlife Magazine and its ........

the HEDGEHOG   yeaaaayyyyy!!     

I voted for the Hedgehog so am really pleased.   Here are the results

In June, we published a list of 10 species and asked you to choose one as Britain’s national species. Here’s how you voted…

1 Hedgehog championed by: British Hedgehog Preservation Society, votes: 3,849
2 Badger championed by: Badger Trust, votes: 2,157
3 Oak tree championed by: Woodland Trust, votes: 950
4 Red squirrel championed by: Red Squirrel Survival Trust, votes: 730
5 Robin championed by: RSPB, votes: 626
6 Otter championed by: Wildlife Trusts, votes: 270
7 Bluebell championed by: Plantlife, votes: 198
8 Water vole championed by: Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, votes: 150
9 Swallow championed by: BTO, votes: 108
10 Ladybird championed by: Buglife, votes: 70

We're doing our best to increase numbers of these wonderful characters by providing food and some messy garden areas for them to forage in (well the last bit isn't exactly a hardship)!!  

and we've been busy at the Bowls Club.   David and I were on catering duty Saturday providing tea and then a 2 course meal for a visiting bowls club - there are matches taking place most days through the Summer and we all have to take turns at covering catering or bar duties.

  On Tuesday I bowled the second leg of a tournament and won my match so am now through to the last heat which will take place some time during Finals Weekend 31 August/1September - which kind of mucks up our plans to attend the Private View of the UKCPS International Exhibition at Patchings, Nottingham on 31st.   

I have 3 pictures juried into the exhibition and as they are unable to accept courier deliveries we will be driving up to Nottingham on the Wednesday to deliver them personally.   We had planned to stay nearby and visit friends in Derbyshire, do a bit of sightseeing and attend the Private View on Saturday.    We can still do that if my Bowls Match Final is scheduled for the Sunday as we can drive home Saturday evening after attending the Private View but I won't know for sure till later this month.  
Such a pallava ... I hadn't expected to win my two heats as I'm a newbie bowler and playing some very experienced ladies (but everyone has off days and seems my luck has been in so far).     I have another match tomorrow morning  (where its scheduled to rain heavily unfortunately) and am playing again in the evening in a 'triples' match ... glutton for punishment!

OK that's more or less up to date ... should be able to get back to some arty bits next week :-)


  1. Yes definitely get to it Sue, enough of this lollygagging on beaches, eating tapas and participating in bowls matches!!! Only about 5 weeks before we head south to North Carolina for a couple of weeks. Its about time.

  2. o.0 sneaky gull

    that drift wood does look like a creepy sea creature in that first pic lol

    the ukcps doesnt except couriers?? well there goes me trying next year to enter then

  3. Wish I was on the beach today - its humid/sticky in Kent but the forecast is heavy showers (just in time for the bowls match) which will cool things down.

    Counting the days then Jo?

  4. Hi Jennifer.
    didn't explain myself very well. Its Patchings Gallery that won't accept couriers apparently as they only take in deliveries between 10 and 4pm and the couriers can't guarantee those times.

    I've always used couriers to deliver UKCPS entry pictures before but that's been to different galleries as the venue changes each year.

    I hope you do enter the next one - which incidentally will be early in the year (Spring rather than Autumn). It will be nice to see your work 'in the flesh'

  5. It's about time we heard from you! You're getting as bad as me about keeping up with a blog and almost as bad about doing any art!

    I'm with Jo - now get to it! (Where's that whip?)

  6. ah ok, thank you for clearing that up :)

  7. Cheers Jan!
    Its this jetsetting lifestyle of ours getting in the way LOL

    I have been 'tidying up' the 3 cp entries for Patchings and 2 are now framed. Just got to spray and sign the last one and that will be ready for delivery in a couple of weeks.

    Then I shall be working on some exhibition pieces. I am not taking on any new commissions till 2014 (but I do have a couple in the pipeline for returning clients)

  8. Welcome home! What a smart gull!

  9. Thanks Peggy.
    We've 'gull-proofed' the box now (blocked one entrance) so he gets his revenge by hammering on the plastic lid at 4.30 every morning. The box is just below our bedroom window LOL


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