Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Made a start on a coloured pencil drawing today.   I couldn't decide whether to work on black or white paper but in the end I decided on black.

Its going to be A3+ size so the Canson Black Pad I have isn't large enough - annoying when its just a mm or so too narrow for the mount/frame.    I found a piece of dark grey/black sanded paper in my paper stock.   Its a one-off piece that I ordered from one of the mainstream art suppliers but sadly I didn't keep a  note of the brand.

I'm rather disappointed as the grit/sand is easily removed and leaves nasty white spots which are difficult to disguise.    I will continue with this picture on Thursday before deciding whether to keep it or scrap it and start again on a white paper.

So this is just a teaser - I've cropped it considerably but can you guess what it is going to be??


Jo said...

Looks like a gorilla to me.

Polly Birchall said...

My husband first thing in the morning?

Sue Clinker said...

Polly, I swear I've never seen your hubby first thing in the morning ..... honest !!! :-)

Good guess Jo

Jan said...

It would be a shame if you decide to scrap it as the eyes are great. Actually, all we can see looks good right now.

LOL @ Polly!

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jan
I'm working with very sharp points on the pencils to get fine detail and this is what is causing the problem of the surface 'grit' being removed I think ... wouldn't be so bad if the 'bald bits' were black, but they are white so stand out like the proverbial sore thumb.

I hope not to have to start again but we'll see how it goes tomorrow

Lene Daugaard said...

I guess gorilla too :) Looks great.
It is annoying when paper/support acts in unfavorable ways !

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Lene
I agree .... then its that tough decision as to whether to persevere or cut your losses and start again.
Today I'm going to persevere and final decision tonight!

Anonymous said...

Incredible use of coloured pencil Sue (as always!)

Look forward to seeing if it is a gorilla or not.